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HtbaS – Episode 297

In this episode of the Hip to be a Square quilting podcast, I talk about some recent changes at work, getting ready for QuiltCon next week, some exciting (yet panic-inducing) news, the Super Bolt sale and state of the stash, and some recent quilting.

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WIP Wednesday – V Fancy Indeed

The good news is I started quilting the pattern for the magazine. The bad news is I’m not quite sure how to finish quilting it. A hazard of the trade, I suppose.

It’s given me a chance to practice my ruler work, although it also afforded me a chance to practice my marking as well. I enjoy one of those much better than the other, but I need practice in both.

After this gets wrapped up it’s on to a challenge project, design TBD, frankly.  I’ve been fiddling around with some ideas but still not particularly inspired at this time. Maybe that change when I start playing with the fabric, or maybe it won’t. In that chase, it’ll be a 12 x 12″ mini!

WIP Wednesday – Love(ly)

This week I’ve been working on taking care of two birds with one stone: another giant hexagon Belinda sample and a quilt for a new baby!  I finished the top assembly over the weekend, and have spent recent time quilting it.  Rather than rely completely on my usual default meander quilting, I mixed it up with some words.

I’m rather thankful for my 5th grade penmanship award!

HtbaS – Episode 287

It’s a jam-packed podcast episode with some talk of working with rulers on a domestic/sit-down machine for free motion quilting, the new challenge Lynn and I are doing for The Stitch, upcoming quilt projects, and lots of book reviews.

Books mentioned in this episode:

Today’s Podcat was Nina.


WIP Wednesday – Sweet Quilting

Over the weekend, my Sweet 16 was delivered, but I had to wait until my husband got home to carry the actual machine upstairs.  Apparently I am a delicate flower who chooses not to take chances lugging a (not inexpensive) 45 pound machine up a flight of stairs.  Once that happened, I got the machine set up and turned it on and…

Promptly didn’t touch it again for 2 days. I’m in the middle of a big old piecing project, so wanted to make progress on that. Also, my brain insisted that I might mess up the machine, or prove that I’m an idiot about free motion quilting, or perhaps it might explode if I turn it on again? Let’s be honest, my brain is an jerk that works against me sometimes.

Last night I took my laptop over to Cindy (her name, because my Janome 6600 is Jan and my Featherweight is Marcia), and decided to take the plunge and a) thread it and b) QUILT SOMETHING. My laptop was there to play the video on threading; turns out I didn’t need it!

Nina was there for moral support, and some mild judging.  Verdict is that it works great!  I have time booked at my LQS for my official one hour orientation, and have two small quilts ready to sandwich and quilt on it.

Sunday Stash – Sparkling

It’s been a momentous week around here – my Sweet 16 arrived and is set up! No playtime on it yet since I needed to quilt and put the binding on the Sparkling Gems quilt to donate to Good Mews this week.

Since it ended up queen sized, I didn’t want to make it the first quilt on the Sweet 16, so Lynn graciously let me long arm it on Clementine (her longarm).

I also put the binding on the second version of the Lucky Star quilt, the pattern for which will be available for sale over in the shop for The Stitch in October.

And we also did a little live taping for The Stitch with a special guest live at the Chattahoochee Evening Stars quilt show. At that same show, my Hogwarts’ Required Reading quilt won 2nd place in its category! Woohoo!


  • Used this 2 weeks: 27.25 yards
    • 18 yd for Sparkling Gems
    • 9.25 yd for Lucky Star
  • Used Year to Date: 270.75 yards
  • Added this 2 weeks: 0 yard
    • Woohoo!
  • Net Used YTD: 159 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 101 yards (37% of total used)

See more stash reports at Patchwork Times!

WIP Wednesday: The Force is With Me

I have been making a conscious effort to practice what I preach and PAM some things in the sewing room.  As Lynn and I hurtle towards our pattern launch on July 16 (at Red Hen Fabrics at Marietta, GA – come by or visit The Stitch website to check them out), we’re also doing legitimate things like register for EIN numbers and other small business things. One note about that:

TweetIt’s delightful, is what I’m saying.

But in between business things, I’ve been making progress on quilts! Here is my Bonnie Hunter quilt under the needle, complete with Star Wars fabric on the border.

I put the finishing stitches on the binding for the quilt last night, and moved on to making a class sample Aeroplane bag, since I’m teaching a workshop (!!!!) on it at Red Hen as well. on July 23rd.  More details to come if you’re interested in signing up – we’re working out class times and supply lists and it should be up on their calendar this weekend, I think.  I should wrap up my Aeroplane bag tonight, and then move on to a final sample for one of our 3 patterns being launched. Whew.

HtbaS – Episode 275

This is a bit of an odd week since I recorded this before I left for vacation, and as this releases I’m still on vacation!  Hopefully it’s sunny and not raining the entire week, but either way I got to say goodbye to work for 9 days and school stuff for the summer!

In this episode, I give some tips based on my experience with free motion quilting (FMQ) on a domestic machine, and run through some feedback and talk about books.


Starstruck Wallhanging – Finished!

Whenever my husband asks what I’d like for whatever upcoming holiday or celebration, I’ve stuck pretty closely to the same answer the past few years: “Clean bathrooms.” Alas, my mom does not have a standard wish I can so easily fulfill, so she’s getting an early Christmas present for Mother’s Day this year.

She saw this little quilted mat I made for the neighborhood swap and asked for something similar to hang up in their house, so when she didn’t have a ready answer for Mother’s Day gift giving, I decided to whip this up for her.


You can see a bit more of the detail of the quilting on the tree-top star in this picture:

StarstruckI really like the mixture of the textures here, and will really only do quilting this dense on a wallhanging because it does make it rather stiff!

Lovebirds Quilt – Finished!

This sweet quilt is a wedding gift for a couple recently married.

LovebirdsIn looking at the photo, the yellow stars do not have the value contrast I’d like, but in real life it’s a bit better.  Two of the stars have a hand-stitched heart in the center.


And the other two have bird silhouettes.

LovebirdsThe pattern is Melissa Corey’s Starburst over at Happy Quilting. It went together quickly with nice big pieces for those 32″ stars.