Morse Code Quilt – Finished!

This quilt started out as a collection of leftover strips from a Saturday Sampler quilt, Sparkling Gems (which I never got a picture of – boo!)  We received monthly bits of fabric to use for the main blocks, and had a number of leftover trimmings that measured 1 1/2 – 2″ by various lengths. The batiks were too pretty to just chuck so I held on to them until I finally just started improv piecing them together with leftovers of the background fabric.

The total size is around 43 x 64″ – a bit longish, but I didn’t want to leave any strips out!  To quilt it, I did wavy horizontal lines in the background and did a straight line with repeating circle motif in the all the colored bits. Nina is helpfully showcasing that design below.

I’m not quite sure where will this go, or what purpose it will serve. It might get donated, or I might keep it because I love the bright colors!

Jaunty Squares Quilt – Finished!

This quilt came to be because of some leftover blocks from another project.  I framed a 5″ neutral square with 2 1/2″ strips of various fabrics, and them trimmed the 7 1/2″ so the center block was tilted.

Of course, I only had 11 leftover blocks, which doesn’t make much of a quilt!  I complemented with others squares from complementary fabric in baseball and golf prints, and some coordinating neutral squares.  That brought the size up to about 42 x 49″, which is a good size lap quilt for a child.

For the quilting, I did freeform FMQ stars in the middle of the neutral blocks, and a meander to travel from block to block.

This will get donated to DFACs through my local guild!

WIP Wednesday – Putting the Zig with the Zag

I’m in the throes of pattern writing, and hoo boy am I glad I ended up making 3 versions of this quilt. Each of the subsequent two has proven I made an error in the writing of the pattern, so hoo boy, that is a nice safety net.  And it’s better for potential customers to see a variety of fabrics to help with imagining their own color choices.

Here is the first version (which I put together on pure instinct, obviously, given the pattern errors I found!) under the needle for quilting. I’m hoping to finish the quilting on it tonight and move on to the second one tomorrow.

Now I just have to figure out what to quilt in the white areas. And the yellow areas. And probably the green… !