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The Stitch TV Show – Episode 216 Audio Only

In this episode of quilting chat with friends, Pam and Lynn talk about having a quilt in the Paducah spring show, handpiecing, and the finer points of entering a quilt challenge.

the coffee cup is a lie

Our next Virtual Stitch-In is April 14, 2017, and again on May 12 at 7 pm US Eastern!

This is the audio-only version of the YouTube video, produced as a quilting podcast. See show notes, links to the various things we talk about, photos, and more on The Stitch TV Show page!  I’ll be back next week for the usual solo geeky fare!

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HtbaS – Episode 289

In this jam-packed quilting podcast episode I give an update on our friend and production sherpa, some exciting publication news, an upcoming blog hop, the start of the new Bonnie Hunter Mystery at the end of the month, quilt forts, potential live shows for The Stitch, and some holiday gift market sewing. Oh yeah, and I did some quilting! Whew

Books discussed:

HtbaS – Episode 288

This week, I celebrate my 6th Podcastiversary! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for six years!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with travel for work, but projects, quilt finishes, and various cat and dog adventures. I also talk about what to expect for the rest of the year for social sew-ins online.

Books discussed in this episode:

Today’s podcast was Jett on air, but Nina on my lap. Enjoy her pink toe beans!
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HtbaS – Episode 286

For this episode, I spend the first third talking about the decision process for buying a HandiQuilter Sweet 16 midarm quilting machine at the Chattanooga AQS Quilt Show.  Then I talk a bit about the Sew Pro Convention that I attended last week, some top learnings, and how it’s helped set business priorities for The Stitch as a quilting business.

If you’re local to the Atlanta area, come by the Chattahoochee Evening Stars Stars ‘N’ Stitches quilt show Saturday, September 24 for the live filming of episodes 203 and 204 of The Stitch TV Show! Check out the event on Facebook; we’re kicking off just after 10am, and going right up until 1pm, when fellow Twilter Frances Dowell will present her lecture and trunk show for her new book Birds in the Air.

I completely forgot to review some of the books I’ve read recently, but will get around to those in the next episode!

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