Every Comment on Every Quilt Blog Ever

Every Comment on Every Quilt Blog EVERI was inspired by The Toast’s post on recipe blogs and my own experience. You’re welcome, CoralQuilts!

  1. Did you make that yourself?
  2. Is that modern?
  3. I don’t want to spend the money on the book you used for the pattern. Could you write up a tutorial on that?
  4. OMG how do you finish so many quilts? I never have time to sew, so I’m curious how other people get so much done.
  5. Didn’t (famous quilt blogger) already make this?
  6. Would you sell that to me? I can PayPal you $50! (ed. note: obviously from a non-quilter!)
  7. I tried this pattern, but all my blocks came out to 11 7/8″ instead of 12 1/2″, except for the one I did on my mom’s machine which came out to 13″, so I think the pattern is wrong.
  8. Did you label it?
  9. I’ve never heard of a half-square triangle. Did you invent that?
  10. I just started a fabric diet, so I’m hoping you can tell me how to make it this bed quilt with 3 fat quarters and half a jelly roll. Do I really need the background fabric?
  11. I only work in orange.  Could you re-write the pattern and tell me what Kona colors I should buy?
  12. I made this pattern, too, but swapped out the values and made my stars wonky and eliminated the sashing and used burlap for the binding.  The quilt isn’t very attractive, so I don’t recommend the pattern.
  13. Could you show me a picture of your cut pieces? I’m not sure I got the count right.
  14. What does the back look like? I made the top, but the pattern didn’t include instructions for the back and I’m out of fabric, so I guess I can’t finish the quilt.
  15. I only use 110% organic certified batting made from the dreams of baby llamas.  There’s only 1 yard produced per year, so I don’t think I can make this quilt.
  16. Did you press your seams open? I think if you press the seams open, it releases the quilt chakras too quickly and it disintegrates within 3 washings.
  17. I can’t believe you pressed your seams to one side. That totally creates bumps and disrupts the quilt chakras.
  18. I hope you pre-washed your fabric.  The sizing causes cancer.
  19. Where do you buy your fabric? You must be rich to have such a fabric museum in your house!
  20. I ran out of background fabric partway through so I substituted another fabric and my quilt looks a little jacked up. What would you recommend?
  21. Could you post instructions for making this a crib quilt?
  22. Could you post instructions for making this a lap quilt?
  23. Could you post instructions for making this a twin quilt?
  24. Could you post instructions for making this a full-sized bed quilt?
  25. Could you post instructions for making this a queen-sized bed quilt?
  26. Could you post instructions for making this a king-sized bed quilt?
  27. Could you tell me how you basted it? I tried using Nice McQuilter’s method, but instead of 1″x3″ boards, I had to use twigs I found in my yard.  I also didn’t have basting thread so I used some twine from the kitchen we use at Thanksgiving to truss the turkey. I wouldn’t recommend that basting method.
  28. How long did it take you to make it? Three days?
  29. Spray basting causes cancer and shreds the hopes of small children.
  30. I had a bad experience on a road trip through Ohio, so I can’t make any Ohio stars for any quilts. I wouldn’t recommend this pattern.
  31. Oh, it’s too bad your fabric isn’t the same as the picture in the pattern. I guess you could donate it to charity.
  32. The pattern says the border needs to be 64″ long, but I don’t have a ruler that measures 64″ so I couldn’t finish the quilt.  Where did you find a 64″ ruler?
  33. I tried to cut the pieces for this pattern, but my rotary cutter kept leaving little bits of fabric connected when I cut them. I don’t think this pattern is very good.
  34. I only had a size 70 needle to quilt this and my machine kept skipping stitches. The pattern writer should have told us this would happen.
  35. Could you make me one?

Edited: I’m closing comments on this because instead of being a fun banter, there are starting to be some blocks in a bunch over hurt feelings and general unloading on unsuspecting targets.

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  1. I’m portuguese, quilter only since 2008 and have a blog. My visitors dont write many comments and I feel a little sad for that but now….I feel happy !! Well, the prices they offer are simply awesome! but we are rich!
    I had to laugh and laugh!
    Thanks for your post

  2. Have been cataloging quilt patterns from a collection given to museum. What would people have done in the past. Patterns didn’t even start with detailed instructions until the 1970’s.
    What you usually got was a thumb nail (not in color), templates (no seam allowance added),
    a list of yardage needed and maybe 2 or 3 paragraphs giving instructions. Am always amused at the total reliance quilters have become on COMPLETE instructions. It would be best if you could make a video of every step in the quilt and mail it for free to everyone who like your quilt. LOL.

  3. Actual conversation overheard at a quilt show- “Do you make quilts?
    Why yes, I do make quilts. Why do you ask?
    Well, you see I have this three piece suit that I need altered, and I figured you could do it if you are willing? I can even pay you a couple dollars if you like.
    Yes I could do the alterations, but what size quilt did you want, and it will be done right after Leonardo paints my barn.

  4. The thing that always makes mo go.. HUH?? is when a fellow quilter will say. “I would never pay that much money for that pattern. Make me a copy of yours”. NOT!!

  5. My favorite (also from a non quilter): “Where do you get the patience to do that? I’d never have that much patience.”

  6. Quilter post picture of latest project. People start commenting and ask “what is the name of the pattern and is it free?” Quilter posts pattern name and says it can be ordered on line. People continue to post question ” what is the name of the pattern and is it free?” Or “can you send me the instructions, for free?” Everyone wants a free pattern. No one bothers to go back and read the previous posts.

  7. the most frequent i get is “do you ever sleep?” I also get “I can’t believe how fast you did that” when in fact it took 180 hours….it looks really fast when you don’t see all the work

  8. Love your comments. I had a co-worker ask me to make her a quilt several years ago and I gave her a price. “Why is it that expensive?” she demanded. I told her to go to fabric store and purchase fabrics & I would teach her to sew. I never heard from her again!!

    1. I had an almost identical thing happen. She wanted a t-shirt quilt. I asked how big? What supplies she had? I nicely explained about stabilizing stretchy fabrics and square blocks making things easier. “Oh, well since you know what you’re doing, you can make mine.” “I charge $150 minimum” ” What!!! But I have everything you need. You’re only going to sew it together. It’ll only take you a couple hours, right?” “Uh, no.” She huffed off mumbling something about watching youtube for instructions.

      1. I’m still waiting for my sister to come over to help make HER a t-shirt quilt from HER kids’ t-shirts. Ha Ha – I’m not holding my breath for that.

  9. I had a friend that was short and everything she purchased had to be hemmed or the sleeve length shortened. I could do that for a friend. Her husband and my husband were fishing buddies. But then she begin letting people know I could alter clothing. There was a gentleman in her church who had made an effort to loose a lot of weight and she volunteered me. During the summer months we would return north and fortunately he gained all the weight back. Was I ever thankful. Making garments are not the same as making a quilt.

  10. I was working at my local quilt shop one afternoon, the store was packed and I began waiting on a customer who I had never seen before. I started cutting her fabric and she gave me a look of great concern, she then asked if I was going to cut her fabric “that way”? I asked her very politely what her concern was and she said “are you going to cut it using your left hand” and was wondering if I was able to cut accurate. I said yes, she was a bit irritated at this point as I continued to cut using my dominate (left hand) and then said loudly that it was good that I could learn a craft being left handed! The room fell silent!

    Oh I wanted to respond but the best solution to this issue was to smile sweetly and ask her is there was anything I could help her with.

    1. OMG really? Fellow Lefty here. My mom always told me to remember that only lefty are using their right minds. It does help when people ask silly questions like that.

  11. I just got one this week while putting a backing on my double wedding ring quilt . ” Did you make that, or is it one of those cheater quilts?”

  12. messaged
    I know it has been 3 days since you found your Dad dead, hope you are feeling better.
    Hey would you make me a quilt to auction off at the local tavern?
    No comment sent back. Month later get a phone call and cussed out for not doing a quilt

  13. After making 4 queens and 1 king quilt for a client 6 weeks before Christmas, I thought I was finally finished with her. A few weeks later she asked, ” I have a young girl from our church who is getting married and I need to get a gift. Will you make me Double wedding ring quilt?” Yes, but they are very labor intensive and that makes them expensive. Then she asked” could you make a single wedding ring bed runner or would that make me look cheap?” I said YES!

  14. Here are some in-person comments. I vend hand dyed fabric & scarves at quilt & arty-type craft shows & usually hang a few art quilts behind my wares to show what can be done with my fabrics (and attract visitors who might be paying customers).

    “Are you a reseller?” Explained gently that reseller is a dirty word in the handmade community, and no, I dye my own fabric & scarves.

    “You must have a fancy embroidery machine to do that.” Explained that no, those thread painted cats are done from photos I took of my own cats, and were stitched on a 1958 vintage Singer machine. (Hello, someone comes up with the embroidery machine designs. Are you suggesting I don’t have the brains/talent to do that?)

    “Is that the pre-printed cheater cloth?” No, those are log cabins that finish out at each strip 1 inch wide. And I pieced them all. On my vintage sewing machine, which I also used to make the jacket they are in (they were the sleeves). And no, I did not make the jacket from a kit.

    Observations: 1. People don’t read. 2. People want shortcuts and do not want to do the work (and apparently reading counts as work). 3. People want something for nothing (Again, they don’t want to work for money to pay for someone else to do the work).

  15. “My ex-husband’s girlfriend’s granddaughter is getting married in two weeks and needs a wedding dress. She lives in Alaska so she will mail you her measurements…”

  16. On Nov. 15th, Could you make me a quilt to give to my granddaughter for Christmas? By the way, she lives in Norway so I need to mail it by Dec. 1st.

  17. I had a lady ask me to make a wall hanging quilt “with ducks on it and maybe cattails in the border” I explained that it would take quite some time to do something like that and that I had a lot of other projects to finish. She said, “No problem, I could take until Christmas to get it done.” This was in September! A few days later she called again and decided she’d rather have song birds! Then a week later she changed her mind again and wanted designs reflecting the State flag, bird, flower, etc. All through this she assured me that she would let me know what size she wanted it to be, but never did give me a size. Good thing, because I had no intention of doing anything for someone that changes their mind so much!!!

  18. Some of these are “only a Quilter would get” and that makes them even better. Thanks for the chuckle. BTW, I snorted coffee because I was laughing too hard. Can I send you my dry cleaning bill? JK

  19. Heard from a non-quilter: “I just can’t understand why you take perfectly good fabric, cut it up and then sew it back together. Seems like a waste of time and energy to me”.

  20. I’m going to have to make a list of things people say at work.. (Quilt shop)

    Random person wanders in and says “Oh, you don’t have any quilts for sale?”
    Then I tell them that we take custom orders and can make anything they want.
    “Ok, how much for a king size butterfly quilt?”
    I start by telling them it’s the cost of supplies plus labor, then show them a bolt of fabric with a price of $11.50 per yard and tell them I’ll need at least 8 yards of it.
    That’s when they say “OH MY GOD! How about just a blanket?”
    I blink at them, blank faced.
    “I’ll go to walmart.”

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