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HtbaS – Episode 302

I recap the disappointing cruise we went on (no fault the cruise line, and no compensation due to us), getting back in the quilting saddle with some small projects, a number of book reviews, and what projects I’ve got coming up in the short term!



WIP Wednesday – It Still Totally Counts

It’s 11:33 so I’m just squeaking this under the line! Mind you, I don’t have a picture of anything I’ve been working on since it’s been recovering from the Vegas trip, computer stuff for The Stitch,  getting used to being in an office again a couple days a week, and getting ready for family vacation.

It’s going great!

Sunday Stash – Gifty

Merry Christmas to the last little bit of the day that is left to celebrate in. Up next, Boxing Day!  Celebrate with us on social media for the Boxing Day Sew-In Monday using #BDSI on your quilting and sewing related posts.  I cleverly planned an all day sew-in at Lynn’s house Monday, and am packing up the projects I want to take. So far I’ve got a king-size quilt and a mini quilt, as well as my full-size handquilting project to work on. I’m sure all that will keep me busy. For the morning anyway!

I’ve got two small finishes this week that I can share pictures of after tomorrow. I realized I forgot to take pictures of a set of gift quilts I finished months ago, so oh well, go ogle the original from Edyta Sitar. Only imagine it one column narrower so I had enough blocks left to make a junior baby-size quilt to accompany it. My sister and her husband got the big version, my baby niece got the junior version, and my 3 year old niece got a dinosaur quilt I picked up at Tiny Stitches and didn’t have to make! The 3 year old is very into dinosaurs – we also gave her a book about dinosaurs (with roar buttons for optimum annoyance) and a stuffed dinosaur.  The baby is delicious and very squishy; here I am pointing out all the verboten ornaments on my parent’s Christmas tree to both little girls. Not to be forgotten, my son and I worked with my oldest niece in an Escape Room game. Good news: we escaped from Santa’s (Slightly Creepy, Doll-Filled) Attic with 7 minutes to spare!

I also kept up top of the latest Bonnie Hunter clue on Friday – 80 HSTs.  In the past, she’s released the final clue on New Year’s Eve, so maybe we’ll get back to back Friday/Saturday clues this week?  You can check out other participants progress on the linky on her blog Monday.

I’m off to quilt a donation quilt in the dying hours of Christmas; hope everyone had a happy day and has more time off to enjoy with family (or alone, recovering from family visits – whatever flips your skirt, as Grama Eddie would say).

  • Used this week: 1.75 yards
    • 1.75 yd for 2 gift quilts
  • Used Year to Date: 339.5 yards
  • Added this week: 0 yard
    • Woohoo!
  • Net Used YTD: 195.75 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 126.5 yards (37% of total used)

WIP Whoopsday – Of Sportsball and Technologyball

I had every good intention of posting WIP Wednesday yesterday, but I was a bit taken aback when I discovered that Google Hangouts on Air, which we’ve used for the Virtual Stitch-Ins for The Stitch, is no more, and really cramping the Virtual Stitch-In Friday night. So I spent a good bit of last night trying to figure out video encoding software and YouTube Live and what’s feasible, and then eventually just starting at the television in slack-jawed silence, cursing technology for dis-intermediating us from our audience yet again.

I’ve also written a lot of blog posts for work this week and I’m a little burned out on words. And technology. So possibly Lynn is coming to my house tomorrow night and we’ll be virtually stitching-in together and streaming it since I’ve got baseball/art class/Fall Festival for elementary school/a work event for me tomorrow that are going to prevent me from really sitting down and figuring out a video solution in the next 34 hours.

I’m also submitting a design to a magazine for the first time (!!!!) so that’s stressing me out a bit. And Fred the dog has wandered off and rolled around in a dead deer carcass for two nights this week. So, in the mean time, here’s Nina helping with another quilt on Cindy. Nina has the right idea to get in good lighting while surrounding herself with quilts.

HtbaS – Episode 282

I’m Not Dead (Yet)

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’m fine, but traveling for work and not focused on quilty things this week. I did not record the podcast last week as I had hoped, but am hopeful to feel up to it Friday afternoon. I may not, though, and would end up missing a week – time will tell!

Until then, quilt long and prosper!

HtbaS – Episode 281

This week I give a recap of the pattern launch party for The Stitch, my escape room experience, doing yoga with cats, and what I’ve been sewing.  Stay tuned for a Rafflecopter giveaway over on TheStitchTVShow.com to win a PDF copy of one of the new patterns! Next week’s episode will be the audio from this month’s The Stitch, and then I’ll be back the week after with just me.

Note: there’s an occasional electronic humming in this episode, which I think I’ve figured out the source of. It should be fixed in future episodes.

Books discussed this week:


HtbaS – Episode 278

This week I catch everyone up on the big news from the past couple weeks, from meeting and taking a class from Bonnie Hunter, finally revealing the East Cobb Quilters’ Guild raffle quilt, launching our pattern line July 16 both online and at Red Hen Fabrics in Marietta, GA (stop by 11-2 on the 16th for cake and to submit questions for our live taping later that day), and when I’ll be at QuiltCon East.

I’m teaching an Aeroplane Bag class on July 23 at Red Hen Fabrics in Marietta, GA.  The shop should have sign-ups open soon if you’re nearby and interested.

Here’s me being mildly smug about sitting next to Bonnie during an impromptu show and tell session during our Blue Ridge Beauty class. Yes, I sat in front of the class like the big nerd that I am.


And here is the East Cobb Quilters’ Guild finished raffle quilt!  The drawing is June 10, 2017, and you can purchase tickets remotely from our raffle coordinator Claudia at ecqgrafflequilt at gmail dot com.

Finished ECQG Quilt

Here are the book reviews I give at the end of the episode:

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HtbaS – Episode 277

It’s the Ask Me Anything episode! I cover everything from the origin of my Pantsfreesia twitter handle, professional wrestling, food and recipes, tattoos, some quilting talk, and what “Pam’ing It” really means.

Here’s the Broccoli Salad recipe I mentioned.


WIP Wednesday: Wet

My catch-up sewing plans this week were derailed a bit when I returned home from camp pick up yesterday to find water pouring into my basement from the ceiling. After clean up and investigation, we discovered that the in-line water filter for the kitchen sink had literally blown its top, cracked, and was merrily spraying about 5 gallons of water all over the kitchen which dribbled into adjacent rooms.

Secretly we think Fred set Nina up to make it happen since he’s due for a bath (and is not fond of them), but the evidence is minimal.

This incident has taught or reminded me of several things:

  • I am not as good at being an adult as I thought, or at least being a homeowner.
  • We should vacuum up kitty litter more often.
  • I’m quite glad that both I and my husband are handy.
  • I miss sewing.