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WIP Wednesday – Just Beachy

Beachwalk QuiltI may or may not be on a beach right now, but I will be shortly! In honor of that, here’s a picture of the Beachwalk quilt I made a couple year ago.

Before getting to the beach, however, I managed to finish the two Saturday Sampler blocks for this month.  We’re coming up on the end for Summertime Blues (only one block left), so I need to start thinking about layout.  I think I want to set it in an alternate sort of layout to make it a bed size quilt and take advantage of the giant digitally printed cat I got from a Moda kit. That will require me to bring in a bit of lime green to match the cat eyes, and maybe some additional blocks to fill out the setting. Mostly I want a bed size quilt to donate to Good Mews for their auction this year since I know those sell better!

The Stitch TV Show – Episode 211 Audio Only

In episode 211 of The Stitch TV Show, we talk about #Clusterflake2017, aka the Atlanta Blizzard of 2017, how to create portraits in quilting, and managing Block of the Month programs (or BOMs).

This is the audio-only version of the YouTube video. See show notes, photos, and more on The Stitch TV Show page!  I’ll be back next week for the usual solo geeky fare!

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Sunday Stash – Sampling

In a fit of… insanity? delusion? I decided to take on a literal challenge for the Bad Ass Quilters Society so I bought some fabric this week  To be fair, I’m not quite sure what the deadline is, but I suspect it’s early March. I’m still noodling on a design in the short term, though, while I’m mindlessly piecing the third sample for the quilt pattern I’m writing.

It was also playoff weekend for American football, which normally would not affect me in the least but my husband is a giant fan of the Atlanta Falcons, and they have won their game and will be playing in the Big Game on February 5. Conveniently, that’s the same day as the Sportsball Sew In! Show us what you’re sewing on social media that day with #SBSI.

I’ve finished two of the sample quilt tops and have one basted, so no finishes this week but very likely there will be a couple next weekend.  I did finish my two Saturday Sampler blocks, though! Here’s the latest Summertime Blues, and the first in the new program Great Grunge.


  • Used this week: 0 yards
    • Sad trombone!
  • Used Year to Date: 14.75 yards
  • Added this week: 3 yard
    • Challenge fabric kit for BAQS
  • Net Used YTD: 11.75 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 4 yards (27% of total used)

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WIP Wednesday – Hey, I Remembered!

To quote Jaye, I’ve been sewing in place. The good news is there should be some movement in the near future in the ol’ stash spreadsheet. Just maybe not by my self-imposed deadline of Thursday evening when we have our final guild meeting for the year!

I took the final 30’s sampler block from the Saturday Sampler program and whipped up a donation top. It measures around 46 x 50″.

30's Fabric Sampler TopThere’s no back for this one yet, but I do have the top and back done for another donation quilt, and I’ve got my Favorite Things BOM ready to baste as well. Combine those three with a second version of my challenge quilt for The Stitch (as a store sample) and another pattern sample, I’ve reached Pile-Up Level: PLAID.

Sunday Stash – Not Much at All

I feel like I’ve been sewing nonstop for days, yet didn’t actually finish anything. This week I finished up the latest Saturday Sampler blocks, the top for the Favorite Things BOM, and made progress on a charity quilt top.  I’m hoping to get that donation quilt done by Thursday so I can donate it at the last guild meeting of the year.

Here are the Saturday Sampler blocks:


It’s the last one for the 30’s sampler, so that’s also getting turned into a donation quilt in the next month or so.

And here’s my version of the My Favorite Things BOM:

I’m officially in Pile Up mode again with several quilts ready for basting and quilting!

  • Used this week: 0 yards
    • Sad trombone!
  • Used Year to Date: 329.75 yards
  • Added this week: 10.75 yard
    • 2.75 yd for jelly roll
  • Net Used YTD: 187.5 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 116 yards (37% of total used)

Smunday Stash – Sampling Saturdays

In terms of finishes it looks small this week, but there was lots of stitching going on!  I got my Tula Pink EPP top DONE and ready for basting and hand quilting.  I finished my top and back for the challenge quilt for The Stitch (we revealed in episode 203), and it’s ready for quilting, too.

I did use some leftover blocks to make a couple placemats to donate, and I also finished the wallhanging for the Sew Pro Blog Hop project. That will get posted over on TheStitchTVShow.com on Tuesday, Nov 15 as part of the blog hop.

I also had Saturday Sampler pick up this week, and the blocks were pretty easy to whip up. I also signed up for the 2017 program, “Kaffe Meets Grunge”, which uses Kaffe Fassett and a Moda Grunge fabrics together. It looks delicious.


  • Used this week: 1.75 yards
    • 1 yd for the Sew Pro Blog Hop quilt
    • 0.75 yd for 2 placemats
  • Used Year to Date: 295 yards
  • Added this week: 4 yard
    • 4 yd backing for the Stitch Challenge quilt
  • Net Used YTD: 178.25 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 106.75 yards (35% of total used)

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Sunday Stash – Sparkling

It’s been a momentous week around here – my Sweet 16 arrived and is set up! No playtime on it yet since I needed to quilt and put the binding on the Sparkling Gems quilt to donate to Good Mews this week.

Since it ended up queen sized, I didn’t want to make it the first quilt on the Sweet 16, so Lynn graciously let me long arm it on Clementine (her longarm).

I also put the binding on the second version of the Lucky Star quilt, the pattern for which will be available for sale over in the shop for The Stitch in October.

And we also did a little live taping for The Stitch with a special guest live at the Chattahoochee Evening Stars quilt show. At that same show, my Hogwarts’ Required Reading quilt won 2nd place in its category! Woohoo!


  • Used this 2 weeks: 27.25 yards
    • 18 yd for Sparkling Gems
    • 9.25 yd for Lucky Star
  • Used Year to Date: 270.75 yards
  • Added this 2 weeks: 0 yard
    • Woohoo!
  • Net Used YTD: 159 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 101 yards (37% of total used)

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Smunday Stash – Sampling Little, Finishing Nothing

Well, I neither added nor used fabric in the last two weeks, thanks primarily to The Project That Ate September.  On the plus side, I think I’ll get two quick projects done tonight in advance of attending Sew Pro later this week.

I did have Saturday Sampler pick up last weekend, so here are the two blocks for September for the 30’s sampler and the blue & white quilt.

You Spin Me Right Round Quilt. Image copyright 77peaches enterprises LLC.
You Spin Me Right Round Quilt. Image copyright 77peaches enterprises LLC.

Part of my time has been getting ready for our latest quilt pattern for The Stitch, the You Spin Me Right Round quilt! Check it out at the The Stitch TV Show shop.

  • Used this 2 weeks: 0 yards
    • Sadsies!
  • Used Year to Date: 241.25 yards
  • Added this 2 weeks: 0 yard
    • Woohoo!
  • Net Used YTD: 135.25 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 83 yards (34% of total used)

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Sunday Stash – Say What Now?

So… apparently I have a blog! In which I write things! Despite all good intentions, with my return day coinciding with my husband’s birthday on Friday, I did not record a podcast.  I’ve been a bit social media-sensitive lately as well, have to take some measures to preserve my sanity and feelings.  It’s not a new thing, honestly (only 25% attributed to the upcoming US election cycle), but hard to balance when staying active in an online community.

So, having returned home from latest business trip and gotten back into sewing pieces of fabric today, I do have finishes to report to cover the last two weeks, including today’s Saturday Sampler blocks.


  • Used this 2 Weeks: 10 yard
    • 3 yd for Tudor bag for Good Mews
    • 0.5 yd for donation placemat
    • 6.5 yd for You Spin Me quilt (debut in a few weeks)
  • Used Year to Date: 210.25 yards
  • Added this Week: 1.25 yard
    • 1.25 yd for sashing for baby quilt
  • Net Used YTD: 106.5 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 72.75 yards (35% of total used)

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Sunday Stash – Busy Bee

Lots of panicky sewing this week as we continue to get ready for the launch party on Saturday, and I managed to squeeze in a finish to donate through my guild, too.  Rather than do a full quilt of all 12 blocks from the 30’s Saturday Sampler program, I opted to make 2 lap quilts with 6 blocks each.  Since we’ve finished 7 months in this program, I was free to make use of the first 6 blocks!

30s Sampler Quilt

The sashing and cornerstones are cut from 5″ strips to make sure of some of my scrap stash, with two extra stars pieced onto the interior cornerstones. With an extra side border, that made the quilt about 48 x 58″, which is a good size for the target recipients (elementary school kids).

  • Used this Week: 12 yard
    • 2 yd for two 1-hour baskets
    • 5 yd for pattern sample
    • 5 yd for 30’s Sampler Quilt
  • Used Year to Date: 200.25 yards
  • Added this Week: 4 yard
    • 4 yd for border and backing for pattern sample
  • Net Used YTD: 99 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 64.25 yards (34% of total used)

See more stash reports at Patchwork Times!