Hogwart’s Required Reading – Finished!

I’m just now getting around to posting these pictures after finishing this over the Christmas holidays, but here, finally, is “Hogwart’s Required Reading”, my Harry Potter Project of Doom from FandomInStitches.com.

Hogwarts' Required Reading

For the most part, the quilting focused on outlining the piecing for the various blocks.

Hogwarts' Required Reading

Particularly this stinker.

Hogwarts' Required Reading

Some things got fancier treatment, like bubbles in the butterbeer and feathers on Hedwig.

Hogwarts' Required Reading

Here’s the bottom section of the bookcase, which shows a little more on the books themselves.
Hogwarts' Required Reading

If you’d like to make your own, go download the patterns!

14 Replies to “Hogwart’s Required Reading – Finished!”

  1. Your quilt is beautiful!! I got side tracked early on last year, but hope to pick it up again soon. I love your caged pixie. Your books look great without titles. I’ve been debating whether or not to add titles.

  2. Stunning! It looks fantastic! Di you match the binding to the legs of the book shelf on the bottom of the quilt? It is an amazing piece of art!

  3. I can’t believe I missed this post! This is an incredible feat of quiltmaking. I have been following along,but seeing the photos of it finished make me know why we quilt the quilts. Great job all around!

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