Finished Hanging Cosmetic Organizer

This weekend I finished the “Sew Sturdy Travel Organizers” class on Craftsy from Annie Unrein.  Knowing I have a couple trips coming up, I was particularly interested in the hanging cosmetics organizer.

I chose a fun Kaffe Fasset fabric for the exterior with a lime houndstooth for the interior and a purple for the accents.

Hanging Cosmetic OrganizerI purchased the hardware kit from since I didn’t know that I could find all the hardware in the right sizes, and didn’t want to have to resort to purchasing large amounts of mesh just for the one project.

Hanging Cosmetic OrganizerI like how the straps are made – as fabric tubes that then get nylon webbing fed through it to make it very sturdy.  Having that firmness in the strap is what keeps the D-rings and other hardware from twisting within the loops.

I don’t have a teflon foot for my machine when sewing the vinyl, so I just used the tissue paper backing between the vinyl and the presser foot and that worked fine.

The bottom zipper pouch goes together easier than I expected, although still requires some pinning and slow sewing.  I was inspired by how it went together, though, so look for another finished project soon on that idea!

Fair warning, between the class cost ($39.99 regular, and I got it on sale at $19.99), the package of Soft & Stable (which I bought bigger than needed for this project since I use it for other projects), and the hardware kit (~$38 on the website), and the fabric, it’s a pretty hefty cost for the one project.  If I make the other project in the class, that does lower the cost-per-unit, and you might consider hunting around for the various elements if you’re concerned about cost. Also, the “kit” on Craftsy is only for the fabric, not the hardware.

Having said that, I already used the pocket-making skill on another project so I’m happy with the value for the cost. Also, Jett won’t stop sleeping on this when it’s folded up so it’s a pretty nice cat bed, too. Sigh.

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  1. I’m about to embark on a Sew Together bag. This one looks a few steps further along the scary-looking-to-make scale, but I’m totally inspired by your talents.

  2. Yours hanging bag came out really well! It looks like a fun project– but I am a homebody and it would get used so rarely I can’t justify the cost right now.

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