Happenings on #BFSI 2014

I work with a woman in Belgium who kindly said last week, “The entire United States needs to go away for a few days. I’m so glad you all have a holiday next week.” Truer words were never spoken.

There’s a little thing around here we like to participate in the day after US Thanksgiving called the Black Friday Sew-In. There’s a lot of ways to participate in it this year, so keep checking back for updates!

  • Chat with other #twilters (Tweeting Quilters) using the hashtag #BFSI.  That means just add “#BFSI” to any tweet or Instagram you send/post that day on quilting so people can follow along with all the fun.  Specifically for twitter, you can use tweetchat to track the hashtag.
  • Hang out with us on a Google chat! Daisy over at Very Lazy Daisy is coordinating a Google Hangout. Look for the announcement on twitter for the link to join the Hangout, or just watch on YouTube at 3pm US Eastern/2pm US Central
  • Participate in a giveaway! Some quilting bloggers are hosting giveaways, and I’ve provided a linky below for those that want to share their giveaway – you can link a blog post, Flickr photo link, Instagram link, or whatever you’d like that describes your giveaway.  Just plug the URL into the widget below.

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  1. I love the idea of BFSI but is the group limited to quilting activities or is it open to any type of sewing? Keep up the great work!

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