WIP Wednesday: A Game of WIPs

Nina sits atop a throne of WIPs in judgement of my lack of progress.

Joke’s on her! I actually finished my 3 Sew Together bags this week:

Sew Together Bags

Take that, Nina.

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5 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: A Game of WIPs”

  1. Love Nina’s perch! Glad you managed to finish the sew together bags. The most I have managed is the un-sewing 2 sides of a pack & Play crib sheet I am making.

  2. Nina is definitely judging you; or just annoyed that you are taking her picture. She has the same look at a 14 year old girl when you take her picture.

  3. Love the Minion behind Nina. One of my granddaughters was a Minion this past Halloween. She loves them.

  4. Nina has a definite judgemental look to her but you had it covered. I love that minion quilt too. Pointed it out to my daughter whose eyes lit up but since she is probably going score my POD quilt she can dream on. I made some paper pieced minions in January for a friend. Which of the wands are you going to do this week? I thought the elder wand looked pretty cool. I can’t do it till we get back from our trip

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