Friday, February 25, 2022

Hip to be a Square Podcast - Episode 19

I finished two quilts for Project Linus, review some thread and fabric from Connecting Threads, and talk about making a cutting mat holder/carrier for classes I attend

  • Connecting Threads has a good variety of fabric, but is better for stashing building than matching an existing project (their reds seem more tomatoey than I would like). I do like their Essential Cotton Quilting thread, though (I got the floral set).
  • Here's block 9 of the Layer Cake Quilt Along in Moda Origins.
  •  Pictures of the cutting mat carrier (click through to Flickr to see notes I've added, but don't embiggen it and ogle the horrible machine binding job - yellow thread on brown binding is not forgiving!)
    • Inside of the mat carrier:

    • Outside of the carrier with the bag Karin made me:

Friday, February 18, 2022

Hip to be a Square Podcast - Episode 18

Episode 18 - that means my podcast is a grown up, right? I talk about the last Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild meeting, our scrap exchange, some progress on various projects, and how I choose free-motion quilt designs. I also have a special "adults only" topic at the end about how fabric designers need some editing for certain images.

Here's my finished Christmas wallhanging:

Here is what Karin made me in the scrap exchange for the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild!

And here's what I got from Stacey to make something out of:

And here's what I made for Stacey:

Here's most of the scrap exchange goodies on the table:
Casserole carriers, pillows, aprons, growth charts, zipper pouches, sewing machine covers... so many fun things!

Close-up photos of my daughter's quilt from the free-motion quilting discussion coming shortly - apparently I don't have any posted yet! Here's one of the finished quilt on her bed (the baby quilt I made her is hanging on the wall to the right):

And here are some photos to accompany the special "grown-ups only" section of the podcast today:
The overall pieced top from the crazy bird fabric:

And now a very special close-up:

(just say no to bad fabric design, kids!)

And then, there's the... other one I have issues with.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Hip to be a Square Podcast - Episode 17

I thank my commenters, and talk about the feedback on Grama's Hankie. I also talk about the blocks I finished this week, as well as some mystery projects I can't talk more about. I also finished my funny fake fireplace cover, and talk about my love of steam.

Close up of the fire:

And here is Zoom warming herself before it was done:

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Layer Cake Quilt Along and Saturday Sampler

Here's block 8 for the Layer Cake Quilt Along:

And here's official house block 2 for the Saturday Sampler "It Takes a Village" and the first extra block offered:

And there's other stuff I'm working on that I can't share because they are gifts! Boo, but also yay!

Friday, February 4, 2022

Grama's Hankie

I mentioned a couple podcasts ago that I received several of my Grama Eddie's hankies after she passed. Not being a hankie user myself (and not wanting to snot all over something so lovely anyway), I thought I would mount the hankies on a neutral background and use them as a centerpiece for a wallhanging.  The first one I'm considering is a light green one. I've picked 3 fabrics from my stash as possible pairings, and am soliciting opinions!

The crocheted edge of the hankie is a variegated white/light green, a little more kelly green than the soft green of the fabric, which complicates the fabric pairing a bit.

Option 1:Yellow Paisley
Antique Hanky - Option 1

Option 2: Polka Dots
Antique Hanky - Option 2

Option 3: Flowerdy

Depending on which fabric I choose, I may mount the hankie on either a cream or a white - right now it's all shown against a Kona White background. So... what do you think? Vote to the right!

Hip to be a Square Podcast - Episode 16

This week, I finished two quilts! I also did some sewing for charity. At the end of the episode I give some info on how I podcast (hint: it's cheap and easy!) and some pick-me-up podcasts in case you are battling the winter blahs.
Ta da! The Groundhog Day quilt:
Groundhog Day Quilt

Here's the back (ivory print from my stash, with some jelly roll leftover bits):
Groundhog Day Quilt - Back

My seven quilts donated to Project Linus. The top one is my favorite.
Project Linus Donations

The Spring Quilt! Maybe I should come up with a better name...
The Spring Quilt

Close up of the Sawtooth Star FMQ heart detail:
Spring Quilt - Sawtooth Star Quilting Detail

And here's the quilting from the back. I used muslin for the back because it's a wall-hanging:
Spring Quilt - Back Detail

Helper Cat is always watching:
Helper Cat is Always Watching