AAAAAH. Podcast Feed Changeover in iTunes

Unfortunately, my original podcast host ( decided to stop supporting MP3 uploads in December 2011 so I had to move to a new podcast provider (Podomatic).

While blip supposedly created a way for podcasters to transition the iTunes feed automatically over to the new provider, I don't have 100% that it will happen seamlessly (as of 12/19 it hasn't done it yet).  Here are the options for subscribing directly:
  • To manually subscribe to the Podomatic feed in iTunes, in iTunes, go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast and enter this feed in the field shown:  Click "Ok" and watch the magic happen. That URL will work for another other podcatcher of your choice.
  • Just before the stops accepting MP3 uploads, I post a short episode indicating that the feed is dead. If it comes to that, I will have to re-list my podcast as a new one in iTunes. 
  • I created a new podcast feed based on the Podomatic RSS feed. The new podcast can be found in the iTunes store here. It will have fewer episodes than the original feed because the Podomatic feed will  start with #53.

Thanks for bearing with me during this change! Please let me know if you have any questions or problems.