Friday, September 30, 2021

It's nice to know my quilts are structurally sound.

Friday usually means it's Blanket Fort time!

HtbaS: Episode 48

Oh hai! I'm back!

I catch up on our vacation, my Saturday Sampler blocks, and Halloween quilt!  If you have any words of wisdom from your grandmother(s), please leave a comment.  I'm looking for some additions for the remaining 9 blocks for my Grandma's Garden sampler.

Tuesday, September 27, 2021

Saturday Sampler - September

I didn't finish September's blocks until this week, and I have to pick up October's on Saturday. Cutting it a bit close - whoops.  But I like this month's blocks better than last month's.
School house rock! Sadly I couldn't find a cat playing an air guitar in silhouette that was easily discernible.

And here's the Grandma's Garden blocks from August and September: 
You'll notice I've appliqued a bee on each block.  My master plan is to embroider some grandmotherly words of wisdom as "zoom lines" coming off of the bees, but I haven't gotten to that part yet.

Friday, September 16, 2021

Meet Chester and Iz

First, let's meet Chester, a quilt for my dad, who is made from a Moda Farmyard layer cake using the Strawberry Fields Brick Quilt pattern.
Here's a close-up of one of the layer cake pieces I didn't want to cut:
Here's a look at the backing fabric with the chickens on it. I had a lot of this fabric, and it's neutral enough that it's not offensive with it's poultry-ness. Believe me, I have some offensive chicken fabric still in my stash.
And now - here's Iz, for my mom, which has 30 paper pieced pineapple blocks.
Here's a close-up of the border, which used to be her kitchen curtains. I had to piece it in places to make the width of the quilt, since it's almost a twin size, which was some tricky matching. You can also see the feather quilting I did in the light colors of the pineapple blocks.
 And here's the back, with the 5 blocks in the different light values I didn't use for the front: 
They will be wrapped up and shipped off in a couple weeks!

HtbaS - Episode 47

I talk about my Kona Challenge quilt, finishing Iz for my mom (pictures later today once the sun is out!), and making quiche (find my recipe here).

Monday, September 12, 2021

Meet Westley

At long last! I can reveal my entry to the Robert Kaufman Kona Challenge that the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild participated in.  Members of our guild were given Kona Bright solid charm packs from which to create a quilt. We could add any other fabric we wanted to it.  When I set out to make this quilt, I knew I wanted to do something different from all the rainbow looking quilts I had seen other guild members do, and I started thinking of the doodles that I do with my kids when we're waiting somewhere and need to pass some time with paper and pencil. And... voila! I bring you the ocean:
At the top I embroidered a quote from The Princess Bride, which Westley says to Buttercup: "My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches". This is pretty seminal to my marriage.

I hand-pieced the curved flag-shaped pieces to create the ocean, and then machine stitched the columns together. For the quilting, the wave shape of the water goes from really curly at the top to a gentle wave at the bottom.  I pebbled the sand at the bottom, and used a fish scale pattern on the grey border.

Here's some of the details:
  • The brain coral I created using Texture Magic and some hotfix crystals.
  • The seaweed I created using Ultra Heat n Bond (the red package) to bond two charm squares together. I then cut out the various seaweed shapes and loosely stitched them down to the quilt top. With the UHnB, you can then go in with a curling iron or flat iron and reheat the pieces to shape them into curls or waves and they will stay permanently in that shape.
  • The octopus is slightly stuffed at the top and the legs are done using the same UHnB technique.
Westley - Silver Fish and Anemone

  • These sequin fish are my favorite bits - the sequins are stitched on by hand.
  • That little clam on the bottom has a pearl button on the inside.
  • The red anemone is hand-ruched, created from a couple shades of red in the charm pack.
  • The jelly fish are the first things I created.  I had the idea to sandwich some buttons under iron-on vinyl to get the translucent effect jellyfish have, and then used the UHnB method to create the dimensional tentacles.
  • The Selvedge Fish were the last thing I create after looking at all these trimmed edges I had - the pinked edges of the charm pack reminded me of fish scales.
Most of my guildmates had no clue which quilt was mine (we did a guessing game at the show to match up who made which quilt).  I was flattered that a lot people thought I made the Judge's Choice quilt, but since I'm usually not a fan of "gluing sh*t on quilts", I apparently threw a lot of people off the scent with my entry.

Friday, September 9, 2021

HtbS - Episode 46

Short and sweet this week; I'm quilting my mom's quilt and give a recipe for chicken and dumplings.

EDITED: Forgot I wrote up the recipe on my mommyblog. And it has the same colorful language you'd expect from me.

Friday, September 2, 2022

HtbaS - Episode 45

I talk about the Perils of Pineapple Paper Piecing, my feelings on entering quilt shows, and give some book recommendations.