Thursday, April 5, 2022

Finish-A-Long Q2 Goals

DERP. Blogger apparently had a brain fart and deleted the bulk of this post, but here's what it was supposed to say.

Well, I finished 4 of the 5 projects I set out to do in Q1, and most of those in the first month.  I'm challenging myself a little bit more with Q2 since two of these are king sized quilts.

  • Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt: I've got 15 of the 50 blocks done I want to do, but I'd like to get this finished up and hanging in the living room!
  • Lilac Hill King-sized Quilt. Same sad picture as before.
  • Faceted Stars King-sized Quilt - Some bits cut.  I'm upsizing a Queen pattern into a King, so who knows how it will turn out!
  • Wellspring House Woven Quilt - All bits cut now, and piecing.

Secret Gardens(es): FINISHED!

If you're looking for the giveaway post, it's here

I finished the remaining two quilts from the AMQG retreat yesterday.  May I present Secret Gardens 1:
And Secret Gardens 2:
And no, I didn't just take the same quilt and photograph it twice in different orientations. I wouldn't try to fool you like that!

Basically I picked up a quilt kit at Stitch 'N Quilt in Mableton during the Atlanta Shop Hop and broke it into two baby quilts instead of one giant lap quilt.  These kits are made of the Giselle fabric line by Jessica Swift, who is a local Atlanta designer.
I really dug the 70's vibe off this large floral print, and I had enough fabric left to make a pillowcase to accompany each quilt.

Each quilt measures 50x52", and is for sale in my etsy shop.

Tuesday, April 3, 2022

A Pantload of Finishes!

If you're looking for the giveaway post, it's here!

As I mentioned, I was able to get a lot done at the retreat this Saturday, but not a lot finished.  Well, I powered through last night (in the absence of new episodes of my TV shows) and knocked out 3 finishes!  First up is the Terrain Tessellations Tablerunner:

I made this using the Little Twister tool on a charm park of Kate Spain Terrain fabric and Kona White. The HST border is made of the buffalo bits from the Leaf Me Alone quilt finished earlier this year.  It's straight-line quilted since the fabric does all the work here. This tablerunner is for me! Even if I don't know where to put it yet, but looking at it makes me happy.

Next up is Lindy, a baby quilt:
Lindy may look familiar because she is made from the buffalo bits of the Lavender Kiss quilt. She's 36x40", and currently for sale in my etsy shop. She's straight-line quilted in the center, and machine bound:
 And finally, here is Betsy:
Betsy is so named because I kept thinking of "Birdie" when I was making this quilt, and that is what Don Draper sometimes calls Betty on Mad Men, and I am tremendously excited for that show to be back on the air.
Betsy was made from a panel of Chirp! fabric by Robert Kaufman and lots of little scrappy bits from my stash (I got to use layer cake squares and 3 1/2" squares and strings!). Very exciting.  Betsy is also for sale in my etsy shop.

Sunday, April 1, 2022

Sunday Night Stash Report: Post-Retreat

If you're looking for the giveaway post, it's here!
Well, I got a lot done at the retreat yesterday, but alas, none of them were project finishes.  I finished the top for my Terrain charm square tablerunner (using the Little Twister tool), which is currently being quilted, and two tops for baby quilts from the Giselle fabric line by Jessica Swift (linked to SeamedUP, where I stashed it!).  I also have the center done for the pinwheel twin-sized quilt for the Wellspring Living house, and I want to get the borders done for that by Tuesday so I can hand it over to my friend Lynn who is going to long-arm it for me. All those are on top of the two other baby quilt tops I got finished and sandwiched and ready to quilt.
It's an honest-to-God pile-up. FIVE quilts to be quilted. I get hives just writing about it! Suffice to say, I have big plans to rack up the yardage on next week's report!
  • Used this Week: 12.5 yards
    • 8.5 for Tiger Show (for Good Mews)
    • 0.5 for the "Hey Girl" notekeeper
    •  2.75 of Ruby FQs traded to my friend Chris in exchange for long-arm credit (she's also doing a Swoon quilt from the kit, but in king size)
    • 0.75 lost in a round of the LCR dice game during our retreat (Boo for me, but happy for my friend Allison who won them!)
  • Used year to Date: 135.75 yard
  • Added this Week: 11 yard
    • 3 yards of a Cosmo Crickey Salt Air jelly roll
    • 1 yard of a Kate Spain Terrain charm pack
    • 0.5 yards of a Riley Blake Lime solid, while I'll use as a comparison to Kona Lime for my friend Andi's shop. Andi was my source for all these fabrics this week - her prices are excellent and her shop can be found at (she's also on etsy under that same name).
    • 6.5 yards of Giselle backing I got from my MIL to use in the two baby quilts.
  • Added Year to Date: 114.5 yards
  • Net Used for 2012: 21.25 yards
    • YTD Used for Charity: 47 yards (36% of total used)