Silver Star – Finished!

If you are reading this right when I publish it, I’m running a 5k right now. If you’re reading it later, then I’m probably sitting on my couch with no pants on. You’re welcome! Pass the brain bleach!

Silver Star - Finished!

I’m very pleased with how Silver Star turned out.  I had a bit of fear that the borders weren’t wide enough and thus not add enough “weight” to the outside of the quilt, but ultimately I think they work.  I could have done a double or even triple row of those waste HSTs, but that felt like I would be trying too hard.

The pattern is Star Struck by Bonnie Hunter, available for free on her website.  I used a 7×9 block layout with 6 inches of borders and the finished quilt is 65×81″.

Silver Star - Finished!

I really love the aqua print, too, since it has tiny mice on it and the color strikes the balance between the the hint of green and the coolness of the grays.

I ended up piecing more of the HSTs in a row for the back of the quilt which uses a large piece of gray polka dot and a piece of cat face fabric that really engages a lot of people, but I find sort of creepy.

Silver Star - Finished!Silver Star - Finished!I have no idea how old it is, or where it came from since I got it through a stash donation from a friend. It’s been sitting in my stash for a couple years, with these creepy cats judging me every time I walked by the shelf.

It’s probably not a selling point that these cats full-on blank stare into your soul and judge you. But then again, I don’t have to write the copy for the auction catalog anymore.  If you’d like a chance to bid on the quilt, you’ll have to attend the 25th Anniversary Gala for Good Mews on November 16th.  Sorry, no bids by proxy since I can’t attend the event this year myself.

7 Replies to “Silver Star – Finished!”

  1. The aqua and the greens with the greys really do work together. I think there is enough weight on the borders. Really nice job. You should take a look at Judy Martin’s patterns as I think you would like them and could do a lot with them.

    Glad you found a good use found a good use for the creepy, judgmental cat fabric. You might have lost your mind if you had decided to make a dozen cat mats from that fabric. Too much time with them in front of your face.

  2. This turned out beautiful Pam! I love it 🙂 I may have to talk my friend in Atlanta into attending to put in a bid for me 🙂

  3. I agree about the creepy, sort of Mona Lisa-like cat faces. Hmmm, at least they will be on the back and generally unseen except by pants-free legs and such.

    On a brighter note, the colors are definitely MY colors so feel free to make one just like this and send it my way. I know you are wanting to get rid of more of your stash and those multiplying HST you have in a bin. Grey, white and one or two accent colors definitely pull at my heart strings. YUMMY!!!!

  4. Really like the color combo. Still. 🙂 And yes, the cat faces on the back are so serious they’re almost scary. I have no idea why one would design a fabric like that, but I guess that makes two of us, right?

  5. Those cats cracked me up. Last winter I did a charcoal drawing of one of my cats, and I picked a photo of him where he looked sort of staring-into-your-soul intense because that’s pretty much his default attitude, so it captured his personality really well. The whole time I was working on it I had a really strong sense of “Judgemental Cat has examined your work and finds your drawing skills lacking.” (I was pretty happy with how it came out, though it sort of still retains the soul-straring effect. It’s here: though that is a very bad photo filled with camera noise because I took the photo on a really dreary winter day.)

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