Friday, November 5, 2021

Hip to be a Square - Episode 4

A big thank you to everyone who has commented or emailed or discussed this podcast on the Big Tent forum! I talk about a bit about family legacy of crafting, what I working on this week, and finish up with a short tutorial on using fleece as a quilt backing/backing combo. I also give a recommendation on a scifi series.

P.S. - My cat Zapper says hi.

New Fall Placemats! They have already been spilled on.
Fleece Backed Quilts
Step 1: Lay out the top on the quilt backing. I recommend using spray adhesive and pins due to stretchy nature of fleece.

Step 2: Quilt! I used the walking foot on my machine and just did straight line quilting. Here's the back of mine.

Step 3: Prepare the mitre corner- mark where you want to stitch.
Fleece-Backed Quilt - Step 3

Step 4: Trim a rough 1/4" on the outside of the marked stitch line.

Step 5: Pin! I also used spray adhesive for this step as well. Notice how trimming the bulk out of the mitre seam helps it lay flat. Fleece will melt on a high heat setting, so lower the temp on your iron if you want to press it.

Step 6: Stitch! I used a standard blanket stitch. Feel free to be fancier.

Step 7: Cuddle and enjoy!


  1. Hi Pam
    I just discovered your podcast and listened to pods 1 - 3 today going to and from work. I was happy to see this one up and will have to listen to it tomorrow. I'm enjoying your sense of humour! I'm also amazed at all you do with two small kids and a full time job.


  2. Hi! I ran across a link to your podcast the other day and spent a very happy afternoon in my sewing room (day off today!) catching up on every single episode! Love it! I also have a podcast, a Janome machine, and multiple cats. So glad you're on the air - you're lots of fun to listen to. Will look forward to future episodes and invite you to check out my show as well. It's really fun to have a new podcast to listen to - yours is great!!!

  3. Wonderful quilt! I have always wanted to back quilts with fleece - make's it warmer and gets it done. Just discovered your podcast and started from episode 1 - really enjoyable. Thank you!!