Friday, May 25, 2022

HtbaS: Episode 81

A fun two parter this week with feedback, Plumed Pimpernels, pincushions, and feeling ways about things.  Enjoy your long weekend - there will be no episode next week as I'll be on vacation at the beach!


  1. No podcast and maybe no blog entry next week?? **flails and throws self on the floor** Have a wonderful vacation *sniff* , we will be here when you get back.

  2. Thnks for taking us through the creative process with you; it is as close as this "color within the lines" quilter is going to get to said process :)

    I used to freak myself out about school choices for our kids, especially our oldest. Private or public? Small or large? Why didn't other people recognize her genius and pave the way for her/us [Seriously... I was pretty crazed.] Now, I realize that some of the choices were good and some not, but she has survived and is a confident young woman entering her senior year of college at a large State university. The hard part isn't making the decision for our kids; it's all the free-flowing anxiety that precedes the decision itself.

    Enjoy your vacation; I'm enjoying a 4-day staycation complete with unexpected, but welcome, visitors. I had hoped to finish my son's Block Party quilt this weekend, but watching my four year old niece took precedence, in a good way.

    All the best.

  3. Hearing about the creative process was indeed awesome. When I first looked at the quilt, I thought it was all planned around the bird to begin with! However you came to it, it looks amazing!

  4. Hi Pam, I heard your bit about William Morris. I love his work. I completed a king size quilt last year using charm square (it was all I could find!) of Barbara Brackman's earlier Morris lines. I just got a layer cake of her last one, Morris & Company, and I'm using the pattern "Frosted Squares" from the Pattern Basket (sorry I don't know how to make a link here). I am using quilters linen for the neutral and I am liking it! Loving your podcast and enjoy your vacation!