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Hip to Be A Square is a podcast for quilters and crafters, nerds and geeks. And my mom. Hi mom! Every week (or whenever I get inspired), I’ll talk about my ongoing projects, which range from personal to charity quilts to challenge quilts for the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild, to all the Helper Cats that are part of my life. I’ll provide tips and project ideas for the quilty nerd in you begging to be let out.

The answers to the prominent questions are, of course: original Starbuck, Picard, Han Solo, and rhombus.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for your composition book cover tutorial. I made up several of these for teacher gifts and they were a big hit! Thanks again for taking the time to post the directions. 🙂

    1. Thank you for doing your podcast I love watching you on the Stitch TV. My life has changed so much since May. I was planning to retire in another year and I end up retiring now and I’ve done a lot around my house not a lot of quilting like you have but I started going back to quilting and it’s really great for my mental health. All my girlfriends are been so supportive. And everyone understand why I have retired. Sorry to hear about your friends

  2. Hi, Pam,

    I am a long time listener but never before commenter to your wonderful podcast. You are my place for all things quilty AND geeky - and it is because of this that I am writing now. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this thing that I just learned about; Karen Nyberg is an astronaut, living on a space station, who is also a quilt maker! Here is a link to a video of her quilting in space!!


    Also, she invites us to contribute a star themed quilt block to be used in an astronomically themed quilt. Here is a link to a pdf of the flyer;


    I have already made my quilt block to contribute. I cannot imagine anything more quiltier and geekier than this.
    I don’t know if you will mention this on the podcast, but if you do I may not hear it soon because iTunes is very messed up for me right now (I am in intermittent despair, in fact). But anyway, love the podcast, love you, love the cats.


  3. hi Pam! I’m also an engineer quilter! I teach physics in comprehensive and quilt in my spare time. I think the attraction is all the tessellation and lovely angles!! Enjoyed the podcast and your stitch tv show, its great to listen to something interesting while quilting. I’m epp at present - is that something you do? Keep up the good work 🙂 Jacqui.

    1. Hi Jacqui! I did one massive EPP project, a Tula Pink quilt called “Diamonds in the Sky” which I’m currently handquilting. It’s taking FOREVER! Thanks for listening and watching!

  4. I am reading a wonderful book I highly recommend “The Alice Network ” by Kate Quinn I am so hooked I cannot put it down I have four WIP but I cannot let go

  5. In one of your podcasts and the Stitch, you mentioned that you created a custom length and width for piecing on your Janome. I have the same machine and can’t figure it out how to get my preferred width and length to be saved. I’ve searched the interwebs and read my manual to no joy. Can you describe the steps?

    1. I’d have to dig them up - the process is technically in the manual but it wasn’t intuitive or easy to follow, and I think I found a forum thread on it in an old Yahoo! Group for the 6600. I’ll poke around to see if I can unearth it.

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