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When I started the podcast in October of 2010, I used a host service called  Unfortunately in December 2011 blip stopped supporting podcasts and I had to switch to Podomatic. Podomatic did not seem to the answer to my situation either, as I frequently hit bandwidth limits because of my weekly schedule.  So, in the fall of 2012 I moved to a self-hosted solution.

You can subscribe in iTunes using that button over there on the right.  Or you can subscribe using another feedcatcher using the link just below the iTunes button.  Or you can completely forgo subscribing and just listen to the podcasts on the blog posts on Friday using the embedded player.  So many options!

5 Replies to “Listening to the Podcast”

  1. Enjoy your podcasts but would you explain more about your yardage useage and how you figure what you use. What prompted you to track it? I know all to well how to count what I buy

  2. Hi Pam! I, too, am looking for more info on how you track your usage. I’m considering making 2015 the year of “Using the Stash”. I dimly recall a podcast when you described how you track your usage. Wasn’t it an excel spreadsheet? If you can point me to the info, I’m appreciate it.

    Of course, I still have a week and change to add to my stash before I start to use it up.

    Love your podcast, and am a faithful listener for the last year or so, tho not a frequent commenter.

  3. Hi Pam. Congratulations on 300+ episodes. I came on board about 5 years ago or so and love listening to you as I sew, garden, work in the kitchen or whatever. I also enjoy watching you and Lynn in the Stitch. I think the two of you make a great pair. You make me tired when I think of how much you accomplish, but you also inspire me. Yes, the podcast has changed, but that’s ok. I enjoy listening to the bits of your life that you share with us, and you always make me laugh. I am grateful that people like you (and Frances, and the Slightly Mad quilt Lady and so many others) create these podcasts for other people. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hey Pam, I was wondering if I could find your podcast on Spotify? I already have a subscription and really wanted to listen to them in order. If not, I’m happy to listen on apple podcast. I REALLY love watching The Stitch!!!

    1. Hi Terri- I don’t list my podcast on Spotify because of how they manage advertising; since we now have sponsors for The Stitch TV Show, there’s a chance that Spotify would run a competing ad before/after the podcast episode, and that would conflict with our agreement with our sponsors for how they are represented.

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