Thursday, March 29, 2022

Hey girl, I love that project you finished.

Do you know about Handmade Ryan Gosling? Take a few minutes and enjoy that link.

At the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild retreat, we are having a caption contest for this photo (Helper Cat not included - Zapper is laying down because, DANG, he is fine):

And this notekeeper I just finished is one of the prizes!
Inside is a a notepad, pen (in special pen pocket!), and two handy pockets to put stuff in. You know, important stuff. Stuff like a picture of Ryan Gosling.
It came together really quick, but turning it inside out with that Peltex inside is a real pain in the you-know-what.  You can find the pattern for it over on GinaBeanHandmade.


  1. Hey Girl...thanks for the link, that really cracked me up. great idea for the contest too. and yes you pronounced my name correctly on the last podcast :)

  2. Hey Girl (to Zapper), I think that sound you make when coughing up hairballs is sexy. Rawr!

    I love your podcast, and am probably single handedly responsible for your bandwidth problem since I have become a Hip to be a Square addict. Sorry!