Wednesday, March 28, 2022

Tiger Show: FINISHED!

So I snuck this one in on you guys. I had purchased a FQ assortment from Stitch 'N Quilt of a fabric line from Maywood Studios called "Stripey Tiger" a couple months ago.  It's not on Maywood's website any more, so I think it's fairly old (2010 ish?), but I thought it would be a good line to use for a quilt for Good Mews for a donation quilt for a raffle or auction item.  It's been sitting in my stash and taunting me and after browsing my MIL's pattern library and the SeamedUP pattern catalog, inspiration finally struck with the "Slide Show" pattern on SeamedUP from Atkinson Designs.

I was a little leery of Atkinson patterns since Yellow Brick Road is so popular but when I tried it, the experience was less than pleasurable (it was maddening!). I am quite happy with this pattern, though, so I will definitely use it again.

Anywho, here is Tiger Show!
When looking for the right fabric to use for the sashing, I was thinking of using Kona White because I was just not inspired by anything else. Then I remember my Kona Orange jelly roll purchase from the Sewing & Quilt expo! The orange in the Stripey Tiger fabric is a little milder but there are touches of this vibrant shade in the tigers. Admittedly, when I was piecing the center, all I could think of was "AUBURN TIGERS ACK" because of the blue and orange combo.

For the border I just used Kona black (and had Halloweeny anxiety), and did straight line stitching in orange, blue. and yellow.  I think the different thread colors keep it from looking too Halloween-y.
Here's a shot of the FMQ. I used black thread because my orange thread is a thicker weight that doesn't play well with FMQ.
The back I pieced out of leftover FQs (the bundle had 20 FQs, and I used 10 for the front and 8 for the back, and put 2 into the stash). I also had 4 orange strips leftover to stick in there as well, and a piece of black from the stash to finish it off.
Another 8.5 yards from the stash! Wooo!


  1. I don't think it is too Halloween-y at all. I am surprised you didn't name this one Tony.

  2. I love how it turned out. I would love to make one for my son who just finished his year as a "Tiger" in Cub Scouts. I'll have to try to locate that fabric!

  3. This great! The orange is perfect. I really like the pattern.

  4. This looks great Pam. I am going to make some donation quilts from my stash and I believe I have some fabric that will be perfect with this pattern. Thanks for sharing.