Friday, November 19, 2021

Hip to be a Square - Episode 6

I get some great feedback, finish my Project Night Night entry for Jean's Quilted Cupcake effort, finish a mug rug, work on my duvet cover, and finished a quilt for my MIL as part of Sandy's Challenge. I also talk about my FMQ set up and how I FMQ'ed my niece's wedding quilt.

While I do a lot of kids' quilts for my local church bee, I wanted to contribute something to Jean's effort for Project Night Night as well. In particular, I wanted to stretch what I normally do (hint: it's got 4 equal side and 4 right angles!!), so I chose to do 6 different star blocks, all of which involve triangles (or bias sewing) in some way.

I'd had the backing fabric for a while, having picked it up because I thought it was cute, but didn't have a recipient in mind. It worked out perfectly, then, to just pull 5 coordinating colors in a range of values from my ever-so-ample stash.  The first block I did was a "Fourth of July Star Block" (bottom right in the picture) from DreamCastle Quilts Block of the Week project. My Flying Geese were crap, but I made it work.

Side note: if you aren't using Mary Ellen's Best Press or something similarly starchy when doing bias seaming, you are really missing out.

The other blocks I pulled from the site Quilter's Cache, just looking for interesting and/or challenging 12" blocks. I used Castle in the Air (my favorite - middle left), Churn Dash (top right), Fancy Stripes (bottom left), Amish Star (top left), and Austin (middle right). Maybe next time I'll get through the G's before finding 6 blocks I like and stopping!

Here's my finished quilt. I'll ship it off to her this week!
Here is the finished Christmas quilt for my MIL (don't worry, she doesn't listen to the podcast, so no spoilers here):
And my gift to her: the funky star. Which reminds me of a bad 70's dance move.
 Guess what? Zapper likes to help me lay out fabric!! Do yourselves a favor, and don't store catnip near your fabric.

Here's my bodgy FMQ set up, last year when my Singer was my primary machine, complete with homemade extension table and cans of beans and corn holding up the card table (click to embiggen!):

And just because I want to show it off, here's our new cabinets! Just think of the quilty things I can show off on those shelves!!


Jane said...

Thanks for taking time to podcast this week with so much going on. Enjoyed it!

Nonnie Quilting Dreams said...

Well I will save you the trouble.... I never spell correctly ... Always have types of typos. Like the shelves... oh so jealous.


Pam said...

Thanks, guys! I'm looking forward to next week's 'cast so I can talk about my Oreo cheesecake. Not sure how much sewing I'll get done with the kids home, though!

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