Friday, December 3, 2021

Hip to be a Square Podcast - Episode 8

I talk about the whole bunch of small projects I finished, give some tips on Precision Piecing, my quilty resolutions for 2011, and some tips for turning those kids' crafts you get around this time of year into something you actually wouldn't mind hanging in your house.

First off, here's my feathered star block from the Precision Piecing class!

Mastering Precision Piecing is the book recommended by the class teacher for many of the techniques I mention in the podcast. Triangulations is the software that will allow you to print foundation papers for HSTs.

Here is the hand and footprint angel my daughter made, which I added borders to and quilted:
And here is the handprint tree, again with borders and quilting done by me:


Nonnie said...

A new series of books that stress precision from a well known author. Is Harriet Hargraves new QUILTER's ACADEMY books. She and her daughter work through everything you will to know about quilting.

Their will be 6 books in the series starting in FRESHMAN year. ... I guess going into "graduate" work. I like how traditional projects are shown with quilts in more contemporary colors and sensibilities.

I love the kid projects I plan to steal the tree idea to make it with my grandson. Gee, I have some of your Christmas fabrics.

FYI: There are several design walls that roll up into a shelf. The shelf is hung on a wall and the design wall rolls up into the self when not in use. The roller used is similar to the movie screen rollers. My girlfriend bought one for about $140 and has it in a spare bedroom, where she sews when they are do not have company. When I visit we sew together.

MY design wall is from Fons and Porter cost about $25. It is basically a gridded table cloth with grommets across the top so you can suspend on hooks and nails. I hang if from a shelf where I have screws spaced to the grommets. I take it down when non quilting company are coming over. But since a lot of my friends want to see what I am working on it stays up more then comes down.

I also can take my projects to class/retreat in it by rolling it up.... everything gets to class in one piece. Works for me.

Have fun with your family during the holidays... post when you can but do not worry about it too much.

Nonnie's Quilting Dreams Blog

Nonnie said...

Tried to send and email but it did not got through ....please email me at:

Thank you,

Loving your podcasts...

Colleen said...

Just a warning about The Farmer's Wife blocks. The book comes with a disk to print out the templates (which you have to do as they are not available in the book to be traced) and they print out one template to a page. There are something like 50 templates - meaning you have to print out 50 pages!! There may be some way to cut and paste and combine them (they are PDF files), but I don't know how.


Pam said...

Thanks for the info Nonnie!

Colleen - I did go through and pick the blocks I wanted since I was doing a wallhanging and not a full quilt, and didn't need all 111 blocks (prioritizing those that used templates also in other blocks!). I copied those templates I needed from the PDFs on the CD in a Microsoft PowerPoint file so I only ended up needing to print about 3 pages. It was some work, but mindless enough to do in front of the TV one night!

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