Friday, December 17, 2021

Hip to be a Square Podcast - Episode 10

**Edited: There was problem with the embedded file - it was playing Episode 9, and I think it's fixed now.**

It's a sad trombone kind of podcast with a ton of rambling tangents! I draw the winners for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway LIIIIIIVE! I also give Nonnie an answer to a very important question.

Here's the link to the HtbaS subgroup and forum on Big Tent!

Here is quilt I made for my FIL (who also did us a wonderful favor and took our to car to have the wheels aligned before our road trip tomorrow):

In case you didn't know, I have TWO helper cats. Aren't you jealous? BTW, Zoom is not stoned. She always looks like than in pictures.

Finally, congrats to Morgan and Kayla, who won the giveaways! I've emailed them to let them know.


Nonnie Quilting Dreams said...

Our group does DIRTY SANTA but we play it for two rounds. ... so people get revenge.

Thanks for the advise about THREE YEAR OLDS. You are sooooooo right... they are INSANE. This week he put a toy in the toilet.. wrote on the walls ( thank goodness for washable markers) he also has had major meltdowns every day. I have put him on a sugar bann .... Maybe your Shelf Elves should come to live at my house.

I often barricade myself in my room because I am laughing my head off. Words my daughter said she would never say to "her kids," are falling out of her mouth. The same words I use to say to her.... that I find hysterical.

Loved the podcast ... Wish I had heard it before I recorded mine then maybe we could get a conversation going... back and forth. Good luck in getting your projects finished.


Nonnie Quilting Dreams said...

I listen again to as I was writing emails and I totally understand your reluctance to continue with the group you have to drive an hour to visit with.

Life requirements change. YOU as a person grow and change and seek inspiration your needs change. There is nothing wrong with changing and finding new venues for your interests.

My quilt shop has a group of ladies who have been meeting there for five years. I belonged to the group since it started. Originally we did group projects, made raffle quilts but now the group has gotten older and their needs change. They do not want to bring their machines and projects and just want to sit and talk... maybe do hand work. I find it boring especially when they start in on their health problems. I joined the group to get relief from stress and my job. I do not have the luxury or time to waste so I rarely go to this group. I still maintain the friendships with some of the ladies but I usually go to other groups for my quilting needs.

Keep up the podcasting.... Happy Quilting.

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