2015 Year End Stash Report

Well, I was not quite as productive as I’d hoped the last few days, but I did finish the Quilt of Valor Disappearing Nine Patch quilt I was working on. The Harry Potter bookshelf quilt is still under the needle - all the books and tidbits are quilted, and I’m working on the black background of the bookshelf and then the green outer background. It’s doable with another couple hours of work, but ultimately not doable tonight!

  • Used since last report: 7.25 yards
    • 7.25 for QoV N9P
  • Used year to Date: 297.5 yards
  • Net Used for 2015: 141.75 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 152 yards (51% of total used)


Compared to prior years, my 2015 net used yardage (the green line), is below prior years.  I’m okay with that- having knocked out an average of 200 yards each of the three prior years, it was time to restock the stash a bit.  That, coupled with 30 weeks of slow productivity due to the focus on the Harry Potter bookshelf quilt and some extra work travel, means that I simply didn’t do as much sewing. Oh well.

What is interesting is the charitable portion of my total yards used.

2015 numbers are WAY up.  This is actually tied to the first graph, actually - having not done a lot of big quilt projects between travel and intense paper piecing, I focused on accomplishing some “quick hits” of charitable donation quilts which drove up that portion of my usage.  While I’m glad these benefit the community, there’s some personal gain as well since donated quilts in my guild equate to raffle tickets for a variety of gift certificates to local quilt shops.  For the third time in a row, I won a gift certificate to a local shop! Conveniently it’s even one that a friend of mine is a part owner of.

I expect some quick hits in January for usage- the Harry Potter quilt, the king-size Christmas quilt (which is super early for next year’s holidays!), Allietare, and a number of others I’ve been working on as leaders and enders for pattern designs. For now, I’m okay with where I’ve ended up.

3 Replies to “2015 Year End Stash Report”

  1. I love seeing your year end graphs! It almost makes me want to put in the work to track my own…almost! It will be nice to have those early finishes to start off 2016.

  2. Great end to a busybyearbthat saw some change. You did more work travel, started the stitchtv program, kept up with children, housework & hubby and quilted up a storm. What to go girl! I am looking forward to 2016 for both of us! miss seeing you!

  3. Good job! I’m afraid to track my intake/usage for the year, since my intake would probably send me running for the hills. I was a very good girl this year and was given an Accuquilt Go! for Christmas, which I hope will help me manage my scrap bin and extra piles of fabrics. Happy New Year!

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