Sunday Stash - Switchover

Oh, this week was glorious. All three basted quilts from last week’s progress post got quilt and bounded, so there’s 14 yds in the used column. One of those is for donation, maybe two or even all three since the jury is still out. For now, though, good progress in the spreadsheet.

As I talked about in my podcast this week, I’m switching focus to total used going forward; the state of my stash is such that I need to purchase fabric to make the sorts of quilts I want to.  I’ll still track stash adds, but the net won’t be my focus since I’m focused on making quilts and not necessarily on decreasing my stash. If I end up with a bloated stash, I’ll focus back on net used again!

In addition to finishing three quilts is also finishing two more tops - one a pattern sample you’ll see if a few months, and another a donation quilt - and also, finally, finally, cue the angels, I stitched down the applique on Dresden Garden and added the first border. I even started on the second border! It is 3″ nine-patches set on point, and I got 14 of the 36 blocks needed for that border. For the record, I seem to have stalled on it in October of 2013, so my one UFO is actually moving again, even if I calculated needing 860 2″ squares for the final border. That plan might change, though!

And not to be left out, it was also Saturday Sampler pick up for both the one continuing program and two new ones. I did sign up for both new programs since one is red, white, and blue fabrics and I figured I could make a Quilt of Valor out of the blocks since I’ll be going to the pick-up sessions anyway. You can see those over on Instagram - Great Grunge, Be My Neighbor, and Quilt for All Seasons.

  • Used this week:  14 yards
  • Total Used Year to Date: 107 yards
  • Added this week: 7 yard
    • 7 yd for new shop sample
  • YTD Used for Charity: 21.75 yards (20% of total used)

Lilac Hill Two-Fer Quilts - Finished!

Waaaay back in 2011 I got a jelly roll of Lilac Hill fabric, and decided I would use it as 2 -1/2″ square sashing around 10 squares of fabric in a king size quilt.  I was going to do trapunto quilting! Applique! Fanciness!

I quickly became overwhelmed with the project, although I had the sashing pieced together into strips of 6 2-1/2″ squares and a lot of 10-1/2″ squares of green and purple.  And those sat in a box for about two and a half years. In the past month, I’ve been thinking of these cut up pieces, and wondering what I could do with them.

I ended up turning king-sized pieces into 2 lap quilts.  The first I call “Lilac Bits”, and uses the squares cut from the jelly roll, and some 2-1/2″ green strips I had cut for binding.  I can tell it’s an old UFO because I now cut my binding at 2-1/8″.

I put a border on it from a small floral print in the line, and some more of the 2-1/2″ squares for cornerstones.

Of course this is a modern quilt because the back is pieced (an inside joke at my guild). The purple and green HSTs were actually the setting triangles that were cut for the king-sized quilt.  The large lilac print was originally meant for the border of the king-size quilt, and the other green fabric is a piece of the same fabric from the old binding strips.

This one is quilted with an overall meander, since it’s super scrappy on the front.

For the second quilt, I ended up using the 10-1/2″ squares I had cut to make some disappearing four patch blocks. I ended up with 36 blocks that finished around 9-1/4″, I think.  For this block you’d ideally want more contrast between the two colors in the block, but the subtle effect is okay for this line, in my opinion.

This one is quilted with all straight-line quilting and has a scrappy binding.  The backing on this one is also scrappy, with more of the purple lilac fabric, a large piece of brown floral from the line, the last two HST blocks from the setting triangles and some more 2-1/2″ squares thrown in for good measure.

The pictures aren’t the best, but the sun was FINALLY out for long periods of time after Clusterflake, so I’m not complaining!

WIP Wednesday - Leftovers

For some reason this week, I got it stuck in my head that instead of finishing anything, I should start something new.  This is different for me, as I typically power through a project until it’s done.  I’m trying to do things a bit different this year, though, with the change in jobs (it’s going well!), and letting urges strike me.  I am starting to feel a bit scattered, though, and know that the urge to finish things will strike hot and heavy shortly.

For now, though, I’ve broken out my oldest WIP that was on my quarterly finish-along goals for all of 2012 and some of 2013 until I just gave up. It’s the Lilac Hill line from Moda; I still love the colors - purples and greens and deep reds.  I had originally planned on a king size quilt for my bed with applique and fancy quilting and generally A LOT. But inspiration never struck enough to make it happen.  I had gotten to the point of cutting out 10 1/2″ squares and piecing a jelly roll into sashing, but left it at that. So now, I’m turning all my 10 1/2″ squares into disappearing four patches rather than as a base for applique in each block.

The pieced jelly roll strips have been sewn into 30 patches (a 5 x 6 layout of 2 1/2″ squares), which will go into another top.  I think together I’ll end up with two different lap sized quilts.  I’ll either give them away as gifts, or donate them, or keep them and pet them and call them George.

Q1 Finish Along Goals

It’s that time again! Time for quarterly Finish-Along-Goals, and this year it’s hosted by Katy at The Littlest Thistle.

I first made my list up at the very beginning of the year, and it included Celtic Solstice and Royal Gardens and then I went and finished those within the first week of the year. So, time for an updated list!

Dresden Garden - Need to stitch down center applique, piece, quilt, and bind. It will probably take me all quarter!

Scrapitude - Caught up on units. Waiting on next step, and hoping to finish soon since I need to send it to Quota International for their auction in honor of my aunt.

All About Me - Challenge quilt for the East Cobb Quilters Guild. Some blocks pieced. This one is more than just piecing since it’s supposed to be a quilt that reflects me and includes lime green and polka dots.

My Parents’ Quilt - Units done, piecing blocks. Need to piece top, quilt, and bind.

Scrappy QoV - Currently piecing a donation quilt for Quilts of Valor.  I’m using a pattern from my ScrapTherapy Cut the Scraps! book which pulls 3 1/2″ squares and a TON of 2″ squares for the border.  Here’s some of the bits already cut up.  They are going to be used for leaders & enders for other projects.

Q4 Wrap-Up and Year-End Stash Report

WARNING: There are graphs ahead! You non-mathy types may want to avert your eyes.

First up, the summation of the Q4 Finish Along Goals.

  • Dresden Garden – Not done.  It’s been hanging in my powder room waiting for the center applique to be stitched down.
  • Jingle – DONE! Huzzah.
  • Royal Garden – Top and back are done, but are waiting on some long-arm time to get it quilted.

Oh well. 1 for 3. I’m not disappointed since Jingle was A BEAST to quilt.  I’ve made progress in lots of projects, although many are quilt-alongs which move at a slower pace than I usually sew at.

For the year-end tally, there’s a couple other small entries from the last few days to throw in the mix before the Official-Official count is closed.

  • Used this last few days: 1.25 yards
    • 0.75 yd for a vest for my son’s play on the American Revolution
    • 0.5 yd to make a mailbox for my daughter for Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Used: 405.75 yards
  • Added this last few days: 0 yards
    • Woohoo!
  • Net Used for 2013: 211 yards
  • 2013 Used for Charity: 150.5 yards (37% of total used)

The most common question I got asked at the beginning of the year was if I was going to try to beat my 2012 usage in 2013. In truth, I didn’t really set a goal for 2013 usage.  I wanted to use more than I brought in, and I did that.  Likewise, I’m not setting a 2014 goal either.  There’s a very good chance I won’t get to do as much sewing in 2014 as I have the previous years since I start my new job (which is a promotion with more responsibility) in mid-January.  I’m still working at home, but the demands on my time might shift.

I did surpass my charitable usage this year, which is always nice.  There was a lot of top-making that was giving to Quiltin’ Jenny for her prayer group to use up a lot of stash in colors that just aren’t part of my normal palette, and that helped tremendously (both my stash and the recipients!).  I’m starting 2014 off with a charity finish, too, since I need a demo quilt for the January meeting of the AMQG.  I expect charitable sewing will continue to be a part of my quilting, but again, I’m not setting a 2014 goal as I might have less time for personal sewing as well.

So, a good year with nice projects finished, and poised for progress in 2014.

Q4 Finish Along Goals

Well, it’s that time again… time to set some goals for the quarter!

First up is the Dresden Plate quilt. Or maybe I should call it the “Dread-sden” Plate quilt. (I’ll be here all week! Tip your waitresses!) I’ve got most of my plates done (might need 3 more half plates, but won’t know for sure until I get to that border), and I’m piecing the background currently.

I’ve also got my list written up for the various steps to pull it together, and I have a plan for quilting, so in theory is just the time needed to actually do the work that’s holding me back.

Second up is the Jingle quilt.  I had waffled on turning this into a king-sized quilt, but think I’m going to stick with the original size as designed for a wall-quilt.  I know I would fear putting this on my bed given the cat traffic and would hate for something to happen to it given the amount of work I’ve put into all this stinking applique!  I will just alternate this with my other Christmas quilt for hanging in my living room, and heck, might even come up with a second place to hang quilts in my house so I can hang both up during the season!

And finally, the Royal Gardens quilt. The “official” size is a queen, but I’m adding a smidge more to the sides to make it king size so we can use it on our bed.  We’ll get the final block at the very beginning of December so it’ll be a bit of a squeeze to get it done but might also be a good way to spend Christmas break.

I’ve got more projects to work on, of course, but haven’t cut any parts of them yet so they won’t count for the FAL official tally.

Q3 Finish Along Wrap Up

Well, I made all my original goals, but fell short a bit on the one project I added on right at the end. I’m pretty sure I won’t finish it by the end of day today it’s just going to have to wait until Q4 to be done. Oh well - I’m still happy with my progress!

  • Dresden Plates Quilt – Plan developed, plates assembled, background being pieced. An excellent candidate for my Q4 FAL goals.

Q3 Finish Along Goals

I figured why not go big this quarter?  I’ve got a couple big projects that are actually WIPs, which is unusual for me. At least I’m not scraping the bottom of the WIP barrel. Which is more of a thimble most of the time. 🙂

    • Easy Street Redux - Center is pieced, but needs borders & quilting

    • Housewarming Quilt - Started cutting batiks, but need to cut background and piece/quilt

  • Scrappy Swoon Wedding Quilt - Center is pieced.

  • Beachwalk Quilt - Applique blocks made, but needs piecing/quilting

  • UPDATED to add: Something with my Dresden plates from Edyta Sitar’s workshop. I love these colors- they are muted without being dull, but I need to figure out what I want my wallhanging to look like. I’m thinking it’ll make a nice fall quilt to hang up in my living room.

Q2 Finish Along Final Tally

Well, in by the skin of my teeth on one of the projects!  My daughter’s Aeroplane bag was the last finish for the quarter on my original goal list, so here are all four of my projects, all completed and pretty. Yay!

Signature Quilt for my daughter’s teacher (done, and she loved it)

Aeroplane bag for my daughter (done, and she loved it)


 My Aeroplane bag (done, and I love it)

Labyrinth Quilt for my son (done, and he loves it)

I’ve got a rough idea of some aggressive goals for Q3. Yikes!