Easy Street Redux - Finished!

I put the final binding stitches on this king monster sized quilt (exact measurements are eleventy frajillion by a bajillion sixteenths or something) the other night, and it took two days to wash and get it dried. And I don’t think I’ve found all the quilting threads and tied them off and hidden them yet. I find more threads every time I look at it! But it’s done:

Easy Street Redux Quilt

This is Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street Mystery pattern from 2012, soon to be available in her new book.  I added 3 1/2 borders to it to bring it up to king size. A 1 1/2″ skinny purple border, a HST border only on the sides, a fun print border all the way around, and a teal border to finish off the top.  The binding is more of the crazy sheep print that started this whole color scheme.

After I finished the first Easy Street quilt I did (a Christmas gift for my in-laws), I thought I might want to do one for myself.  I was not sure, however, what color scheme to go with.

I kept thinking back to these pieces of fabric I got through an inherited stash the year before. This crazy sheep fabric with the hot pink spinning wheels and weird purple knitting accessories. Rather ugly, in my opinion, but a guild class on color taught by my friend Lynn inspired me to pull out other fabrics from my stash to see if I could make a beautiful quilt inspired by this ugly fabric.

Proof of Insanity

Here’s the others I pulled out - lots of rich purples and teals. A fun print for a border. Creams for the backgrounds, and a washed out green for the constant in the pattern. As the blocks took shape, I really fell in love with the color combination.

I still have some of the original sheep fabric left (I think I started with 3-4 yards of it!), so I think I’ll make a storage bag for the quilt out of it.  You can see the sheep throughout the quilt in various 3 1/2″ squares, and in glimpses on the binding.

I really think I made an ugly fabric turn out to be good looking after all.

11 thoughts on “Easy Street Redux - Finished!

  1. Your Easy Street Redoux is beautiful. As Bonnie always says, “if it is still ugly fabric, you haven’t cut it small enough yet”. I haven’t finished mine yet and you have made 2!! You are amazingly fast or I’m really, really slow.! What overall pattern did you use on this one?

  2. Wow, you made it all work out amazing. I could have never imagined such nasty fabric could be so beautiful. You have created the silk purse, indeed.

  3. Wow, you did wonders with that “ugly” fabric!! I really love the whole color scheme. I made mine with Bonnie’s color palette - no time to “think” of my own!!! I love seeing Easy Street in different colorways! Great job!!

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