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WIP Wednesday: Off the Mark

I’m here in scenic SFO with my big hair, looking forward to meeting Jaye tomorrow.  No stitching to speak of, but I can play a round of darts in my hotel room. Or backgammon. No towel rack or counter space in the bathroom to speak of, but by gum I can work on my aim.

WIP Wednesday - A Pile of Fabric

So far I’ve managed to put my Scrapitude blocks in the right configuration, but haven’t sewn them yet.  We’ve been taking care of work stuff and family stuff, so stitching is a little light, and what I’ve been doing I can’t show yet since it’s for a guild swap.

Scrapitude block layout.It’ll be interesting to see how my incorrectly-sewn center blocks play with the correctly sewn setting triangle blocks!

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WIP Wednesday: A Game of WIPs

Nina sits atop a throne of WIPs in judgement of my lack of progress.

Joke’s on her! I actually finished my 3 Sew Together bags this week:

Sew Together Bags

Take that, Nina.

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WIP Wednesday - On Tap

Butterbeer and books!I just caught up on the Harry Potter POD blocks just in time to get this week’s one to work on!

I chose the butterbeer mug because the basilisk fang looked a little weird to me, and I could use a butterbeer right about now. Or a regular beer.

Anywho, I also have my Sew Together bags waiting in the wings. Or rather, under the cat.

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WIP Wednesday - OBWing

I’m getting closer to finishing the One Block Wonder quilt.  It’s under the needle right now on the machine,and it’s a twin size monster.  Of course Jett had to help me baste it last night.

I’m using a couple different color threads in the center, and am just about done with the white thread on the top right/bottom left corners.  I’ll also use pink and aqua for those color-intense areas.

I wanted to try the dog-grooming arms on my FMQ setup last night (a suggestion from Katie to reduce drag while quilting!), but forgot I didn’t have the clamps for it. Instead I seem to have just set up a rope climbing station or bag-less punching bag for Nina, who was immediately enamored with the clamp arm and dangly bits.

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WIP Whoopsday: A Tiny Vacation

Oh, not a vacation for me, that is.  I made a tiny beach scene this week as a gift for a friend:

It measures about 5×7″, and is quilted onto Peltex and backed with flannel.  I used diced up batik scraps for the sand and ocean with a tulle overlay.  There’s a very small orchid on the beach as well to go with a scented oil reed diffuser I also gave her, named “Salt Water Orchid“. It smells delightful and I have one at my desk too.

I also got the center of my One Block Wonder all sewn together - here’s a picture of it two-thirds done.

I feel like I should leave the sides intact rather than cut them off before adding the border, but I’m not quite sure.  Of course, I also need a border fabric. Sigh.

And, big news, the East Cobb Quilters Guild extended their deadline for quilt submissions, so I have an opportunity to submit a couple other quilts! I’m thinking of entering the Grand Illusion Mod Baby Quilt (even through I machine stitched the binding- alas!) and maybe my Psychedelic Pots mini that needs quilting.

WIP Wednesday: Wonder-ful, One Block at a Time

This week has been mostly about my One-Block Wonder quilt.  I did get all the blocks sewn, and then arranged, and then re-arranged.

Behold, the first horrible and blobby layout.

I had intended that the blue blocks would be the center of a flower, and then the pink blocks the petals/main flower part. The green blocks are the stem and the brown-ish blocks were the ground. What I ended up with was a Hot Mess of Highest Heat and Messiness. So, back to the drawing board.

In addition to Jett “playing the cello” on the middle, this has the added bonus of not being a heinous travesty of design.  I used the pink blocks (by far the highest number) to make a wavy diagonal line, and filled in the other colors from there so the transition is a bit more subtle.  I did reorder the brown ones in the bottom left a bit, but otherwise, this is how it’s going to be sewn together.

I think I’ll add a border with some applique that mirrors the flower shapes in the original panel, but will figure that out once I get the center sewn!

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WIP Wednesday: Is This Thing On?

After the flurry of posts last week while I was traveling, sorry to leave you all high and dry since my return!  I’ve been catching up at work and home, and managed to do some sewing.  This week I’ve made four journal covers for Wellspring Living, and also last week’s Harry Potter Project of Doom block.  I’ve got this week’s printed out and ready to go, too.

Harry Potter POD block 8I’ve also got some plans to work on my one-block wonder quilt and the final round for Molly’s Round Robin quilt- it’s a busy week!

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WIP Wednesday: Traveling

I’m sitting  in my last session for the day at my work, amazed at how much I’m actually enjoying this despite the long hours and weird sleep schedule and reports of snow days at home.

imageNot much quilting is getting done, of course!

More finished quilts will pop up on the blog tomorrow. Instead of my dulcet tones on the podcast this week, imagine the squirrely video summary I gave today on the conference. I told the videographer, “No worries, I have a podcast.” And then spazzed out and used the word “excited” 45 times in 30 seconds. Yikes.

I think my favorite part has been getting a headshot against a green screen for the photoshop potential. I’m going to make my picture in the company phone book me on Tatooine or in the TARDIS!

WIP Wednesday: In My Defense, It Felt Like an Emergency

This week, I’ve focused on finishing up some small things for my work conference next week.  I decided to make some “speaker emergency kits” for my colleagues tasked with the same responsibilities as me - shepherding speakers, playing audio-visual squad, etc.  Each kit has some antibacterial wipes, tissues, a USB wall charger, a Tide To Go pen, some Hall’s cough drops, and some chocolate.

There would be more than 3 pieces of chocolate per kit, but I sort of had a crisis myself that required chocolate. So… yeah. Also note that my own kit below has an Emergency Jedi!

Conference speaker emergency kit.

I’m also trying to stay on top of my Harry Potter POD bookshelf kit, and prepping my EPP project to work on that in my down time in Vegas (if such a thing exists!).

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