WIP Wednesday - OBWing

I’m getting closer to finishing the One Block Wonder quilt.  It’s under the needle right now on the machine,and it’s a twin size monster.  Of course Jett had to help me baste it last night.

I’m using a couple different color threads in the center, and am just about done with the white thread on the top right/bottom left corners.  I’ll also use pink and aqua for those color-intense areas.

I wanted to try the dog-grooming arms on my FMQ setup last night (a suggestion from Katie to reduce drag while quilting!), but forgot I didn’t have the clamps for it. Instead I seem to have just set up a rope climbing station or bag-less punching bag for Nina, who was immediately enamored with the clamp arm and dangly bits.

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6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday - OBWing

  1. Ah yes, my cats love helping me baste! “Mummy, that corner you are just about to pin needs sitting on! Let me assist you with that!”

    Love the quilt and particularly the colour selection!

  2. Wow what a difference the border makes on this quilt. Love the combination. Helper cat would be more helpful if she learned to hold the quilt up :-).

  3. I reAlly like the way this looks with the border. That wide strip both tames the middle and complements it perfectly colorwise. Good choice!

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