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HtbaS - Episode 120

I talk about finishing two baby quilts, a sewing machine cover, getting back into garment sewing, and learning a new landscape quilting technique.

Finished machine cover:

Landscape quilt, before quilting. Needs more chicken. Or trees and leaves.

I recommend Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger.


Swamp Thing: FINISHED!

Subtitle: In your face, Rhonda! (see her comment on the previous post about the Snowbunny tablerunner)

(Sub-Subtitle: I’m assuming Rhonda was joking in that comment. If she wasn’t, then I reserve the right to say disparaging things about her in therapy in the future. Otherwise: IN YOUR FACE!)

So I finished my other UFO for the Finish-Along. Also, this sort of progress is probably why I don’t have that many UFOs to begin with. So, without further ado, here is the finished Swamp Thing!

 Say, what’s that thing behind that tree?
Let’s look at it from a different angle… that’s a strange shadow being cast there.

What the…? AAAAAAHHH!

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with this piece. For the trees, I tried to do a bit of shading - each one had two thread colors, and then I touched up with a brown crayon on the left side and white crayon on the right side. Not sure you’re “supposed” to use crayons, but that’s what I had around.  The cypress leaves have a mix of embroidery floss and a couple different trims couched over the applique pieces.  “Couching” in this case means I FMQed over the bunched-up trim to hold it down.

The Swamp Thing is another applique piece, this time couched with a grumbly sort of yarn. His eye is a yellow faceted plastic bead I colored black with a Sharpie (again, that’s what I had around to play with), mounted on top of a white sequin.  The tentacle is a tube of fabric stuffed with 3 pipe cleaners twisted together (with more of the yarn sewn on) and hand stitched onto the piece. The dragonfly he’s bringing to its doom is a button, as is that little bee.

It’s not a perfect piece, but rather than point out flaws, I’m just going to enjoy my weird sense of humor. For the morbidly curious, here’s what the back of the piece looks like - to say it’s pretty heavily quilted is an understatement.

HtbaS - Episode 51

I talk about embroidery, landscape quilting, and how I finally learned how to properly use fusibles for applique. Whoops.


HtbaS - Episode 43

I give a retreat recap, some hand-sewing news, a quilt shop review, and a book review of “Happy Villages” by Karen Eckmeier.  Karen’s website (with more examples of the happy villages and her landscape quilt patterns and techniques) can be found at www.quilted-lizard.com.