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Sunday Stash - Purse-suant

Some nice usage this week with the Labyrinth quilt and my Petrillo bag and new purse insert.  

Purse Insert

I decided that I needed the purse insert since the Petrillo bag only has two interior pockets, and I’m used to a couple more, at least for cell phone and notepad.  I’ve had this pattern from Studio Kat for a while, and the large size was perfect for both the Petrillo and the Vera Bradley bag I use on vacation at the beach.  I didn’t pick the colors to match any particular bag, so the black & white prints from Summersville work great.  I’d recommend the pattern if you have a lot of patience and good organization; there’s a bunch of pieces to keep track of.  The instructions are well written, but you need to read them a couple times before sewing.

I did finish that final pie pan holder, and couldn’t resist this applique from the hunky patriots fabric I still have some pieces of in my stash.  I’m sure my MIL will appreciate it, although the family didn’t really need another reason to eat more pie to get the bottom of the pan.

  • Used this Week: 14 yards
    • 8.25 yd for Labyrinth quilt
    • 2 yd for pie pan holders
    • 2.5 yd for Petrillo Bag
    • 1.25 yd for purse insert
  • Used year to Date: 144.5 yards
  • Added this Week: 0 yards
    • Woohoo!
  • Net Used for 2013: 73.5 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 69.5 yards (48% of total used)

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This Week in Sewing

Teacher's ToteFirst up, the tote bag I finished for the teacher that’s been helping me get signatures on the quilt blocks at school. It’s primarily quilting cotton backed with Pellon Decor Bond heavyweight interfacing.  That khaki fabric is a heavy twill.

Next up, some helpering as I prepared to make the pie pan cozies:

Seasonal Pie Pan CoziesAnd here are the 3 finished ones and the 4th still on the machine since I don’t think I’ll get to finish it until after dark tonight.

I also had to share my gluestick for an art project my daughter was working on, so I’m hoping it comes back relatively soon.

And finally, this is happening. SOON.  Well, soon-ish, after I finish the Beachwalk one from McKenna Ryan.

HtbaS - Episode 52

I have a cold, so I apologize in advance for the gravelly homage to Kathleen Turner. I talk about the basket class I took, finishing the Halloween quilt (YAY), and give a recipe I made up for Bacon Ranch Chicken Enchiladas.I used It’s a Wrap II as the guide for the bowl making class.  And here’s my tiny bowl! (I finally figured out what to do with it: you put your weed in there! Callback to an old SNL skit):