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HtbaS - Episode 88

I talk about the Farmer’s Fiancee baby quilt (to be renamed), my mini quilt for the Irish swap, and ask my mom some questions from YOU! We laugh a lot, and I think we managed not to cry, too.


WIP Wednesday: The One With the Farmer’s Fiancee

Not quite a full Farmer’s Wife quilt - more like a fiancee since I only used 16 FW blocks.  The nine pinwheels are leftovers from Blue Swoon, and then the checkerboard border (my favorite part!) are from my leaders and enders pile.  I’m quite pleased with it.

The back is sort of scrappy - I had one piece just long enough to use, but it wasn’t wide enough so I pieced in some 5″ and 10″ squares, also from my scrap stash. It’s all basted and ready to quilt when we get home from our trip.

Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along - More Blocks

This brings me up to 9 completed blocks out of 50. I love the Birds in the Air (the one on the bottom), but it’s a lot of small pieces. Glad I did paper piecing on that one!

Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along: Blocks 2-6ish

So there’s this thing:

I’m opting to be more of a “Farmer’s Mistress” since I’m only going to do 50 of the 111 total blocks to make a lap sized wall-hanging appropriate quilt.  I’m also going to use the papering piecing resources available on the Yahoo! group for the Farmer’s Wife, since those templates really didn’t float my boat.

Here is the assortment of fabrics I’ll be using - mostly blues and whites with a smidge of greens thrown in.

And here are my first five blocks, completed last night:

I need to clean the blood off the basket handle, as I bled on it when I pricked my finger sewing it on. Yet another reason I’m not fond of basket blocks.