Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along: Blocks 2-6ish

So there’s this thing:

I’m opting to be more of a “Farmer’s Mistress” since I’m only going to do 50 of the 111 total blocks to make a lap sized wall-hanging appropriate quilt.  I’m also going to use the papering piecing resources available on the Yahoo! group for the Farmer’s Wife, since those templates really didn’t float my boat.

Here is the assortment of fabrics I’ll be using - mostly blues and whites with a smidge of greens thrown in.

And here are my first five blocks, completed last night:

I need to clean the blood off the basket handle, as I bled on it when I pricked my finger sewing it on. Yet another reason I’m not fond of basket blocks.

2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along: Blocks 2-6ish

  1. Oh, they’re lovely, Pam!

    I was cutting white strips tonight with a rotary cutter. Truly white as white can be. What was my brain thinking about?…please don’t cut off your finger….please don’t cut off your finger….

    There would be no way to get blood out of that fabric 😉

  2. 1. Love the Farmer’s Mistress name. I think it would make a great conversation starter, reflect your sense of humor and your grandparents would appreciate the humor.
    2. Forget the FWQAL template nonsense. Either get EQ7, which allows you to print rotary directions for almost every block known to woman OR get the 501 Rotary cut blocks by Judy Hopkins, which does the same thing except for 501 blocks and not for almost every block known to woman. You need that book. Not just need, but NEED. Yes, I am enabling you, but this should be the first book every new quiltmaker buys. I have an older version called Around the Block and it is nearly in tatters I use it so much.
    3. WOW! How big of fabric cuts to you buy? I buy a lot of 1/2 yards and have only recently started buying larger cuts (since I got into bag making). I wash everything except jelly rolls. Yes, I have a lot of ironing, but I want to abuse that fabric as much as anyone else can abuse it.

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