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HtbaS - Episode 122

I talk about finished the Scrappy Swoon, the Monster Mash baby quilt, a small watercolor art quilt, and recap the medical insurance drama for the week.


Namaste Mini - Finished!

I wanted to make a little gift for a friend in guild who always seem to make everyone feel better by her mere presence, and this was a perfect excuse to play around with my new watercolor pencils (I used them a bit on the beach scene I did for my niece, but wanted to really play).Namaste Mini Quilt

This Om symbol represents the known and unknown forms of God, and is a nice focus point for the design and intended recipient.

I started by stitching a little design on a 9×9″ sandwich, which I traced using a lightbox.

Next I colored! You can see in the picture below the stroke marks from the pencils, and how it’s a little choppy on the transition.

Namaste Mini Quilt

I used a stiff bristled brush dipped in some aloe gel, available at the natural market near my house, to blend the colors. See how much brighter they are now?

(Now, you might be thinking that with all this yoga and natural market talk in this post that I don’t eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on the couch watching CSI, but I assure you, that’s where my yoga pants are at their best.)

Then you can go a little crazy on the free motion quilting. And decide that, whoops, you need a bit more color.

9″ square inches worth of pebbling is about all I can stand, so this worked out perfectly! Square it up, and it’s time for more ice cream.

I finished the edges with a facing so a binding wouldn’t distract from the front design.

Et voila! A finished little mini-quilt.

Namaste Mini Quilt

WIP Wednesday - Trifecta

I’ve started working on three different projects, so we’ll see how long that can last before I break apart in a million pieces from the stress not just plowing through on one project until the end. At least I’m loyal, I suppose.

One is another version of the My Favorite Bag as a commission project. I’m currently cutting the fabric for that.

DSCN2861The other thing I’ve started is the Miss Jingle BOM program. I feel like I’ve finally got the right fabrics pulled together for it, although might need a couple FQs of different greens.  Most of my greens are a little too far on the lime/yellow continuum, so I’ll be on the lookout for some truer greens.

The third project I’m working on is a small gift for a friend.  I’ve been experimenting with my watercolor pencils, and on the tip of a friend I tried using aloe gel instead of water to blend the colors.  Here’s my sample.

DSCN2859The circle in the center is the one done with water (color first, then use a stiff bristled brush dipped in water to blend).  As happens with water, it can continue to bleed and expand after your drawn boundaries.  The circle on the left is done with aloe gel instead of water - the color doesn’t spread as much, but the fabric ends up a bit stiffer.  The color intensity is a little stronger, too.  Since I’m planning a small wall hanging, I think I’m going with the aloe gel.

Nina is celebrating National Quilting Day!Nina is being an excellent supervisor when she’s not trying to carry off the pencils.

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