Announcing the #SBSI Sew-In!

Inspiration struck this morning when Valerie asked if there was going to be a sew-in this weekend for the big game. Well, I know all about big games since I was in high school band so I decided to tie together an #SBSI twitter sew-in and the giveaway for my 25thish iTunes review!

There is nothing worse than feeling left out of large social and cultural events. I mean, sure, sports are hard and who can keep track of all those nit-picky facts like runs and side-outs and points. The only points we care about are those on a pinwheel or flying geese unit, amiright ladies?

So, shed those tacky polyester jerseys, slap on some soft pants and join me for the SportsBall Sew-In this weekend!

I asked on my last podcast episode for suggestions for a giveaway and since I got one, and it was a good one, I’m going to give away a zipper bag. I don’t have it finished yet, but I drew a reasonable facsimile of it:

It may not be blue. It may be blue. I honestly don’t know because I haven’t made it yet. In fact I’m going to make TWO so I can give one away here on the blog and one on twitter the official day of the Sportsball Match!

To give a rough idea of size, it’ll be smaller than a sportsball.

I’ll have a special post go up on Saturday evening my time for the giveaway on the blog. Hopefully it will have a picture of the zipper pouch on it. Or I’ll draw a new picture. I want it up there so people in other timezones can still have a chance to win. The twitter giveaway will happen Sunday evening Eastern time.

Hope to talk to you all on twitter then!

Veteran’s Day Sew-in

For those on twitter, or listening to the podcast, you might have heard that Katie from Katie’s Quilting Corner and I are loosely organizing a Veteran’s Day Sew-In for the coming weekend. There’s a couple ways to participate!

1. All weekend long, make with the clicky on this handy logo to get the Tweetchat room, which uses the #VDSI hashtag on twitter, or just follow the conversation on the twitter client of your choice.

2. Google Hang-out, Sunday Nov 11, at 1pm Eastern. Up to 10 webcams can connect and unlimited viewers/chatters in the chatroom. We can see each others projects and sewing areas and chat “in person” in real time! The link to join Google Hangout will be shared on Twitter the day of the sew in since we can’t generate it before then. We believe the hangout will be recorded automatically and we can share it on YouTube when it is over.

3. Listen to a podcast and enjoy the dulcet tones of a quilting podcaster! Sometimes you just need to cocoon and get stuff done!

Remember you don’t have to have a webcam or twitter account to watch or follow! If you’d like to receive an official invite and e-mail reminder for the Sunday Hangout leave a comment here or on Katie’s site and make sure to fill in your e-mail address when you comment so we know who to e-mail.