In Which I Ask for Input

As you all may know there will be a time shortly when I probably won’t feel like recording a regular podcast, but rather than leave you all hanging for that week, I thought I could pre-record some stories for you all to hold you over that week.  I’ve posted a poll over there on the right where you can vote the stories you most want to hear. I’m thinking it’ll be 3 stories for the episode, so I’ll take the top 3 vote winners and go ahead and record it so it’s ready to drop when the time comes.

Feel free to vote for as many stories as you want, or if you have another question you’d like to ask, or a story you’d like to hear, leave it in the comments here. I promise that I will not tell gross things in the stories (important to say in the face of the story of my kids’ birth - there is lots of funny stuff that happened without gross stuff). And also, the frog/mouse double-header might have some NSFW language if it’s an accurate retelling.

Squares on Vacation

Forgive the lack of podcast this week. We’ve been a bit busy.

Hope you treated yourself to something nice over the long weekend.

I’ll be back next Friday with a new episode. My Star Wars fabric order is waiting for me at home, so I’ll be cutting into that soon! As well as this little stack of goodies which got some inspirational help from our beach vacation this week:

Where’s the Podcast For 1/27?

Weellllll… I mentioned last week that I was nearing my bandwidth limit. I’ve haven’t hit it yet, but am at 85% of allocated bandwidth, which is due to reset on Feb 7. Rather than push it by putting out an episode today, (and not next week because I would surely be hitting the limit then), I am taking at least this week, and possibly two weeks off.  If the numbers look okay for next week, I might squeak out a short one next Friday (Feb 3) and risk hitting my limit for a couple days until the 7th.

I know, I’m not happy about it either. It was my plan to continue a weekly podcast with the exception of two weeks (due to vacation times) for the foreseeable future, but given the limitations of Podomatic, that may not be possible. It seems like a bunch of people figured out at the beginning of the year that they needed to subscribe to the new feed and BLAM! there were a ton of downloads at once. So this may not be a permanent change to my schedule, but I gotta tell, the my OCDish traits are killing me with the inability to stick to a schedule.

While you may not hear my voice over the podcast feed for the next couple weeks, I may see about doing video (hosted on YouTube) or something to tide you over. I’ll try to be better about blogging regularly and not just when I finish something. I’ve been thinking of doing a “studio tour” (a grand name for holding the FlipCam while I spin slowly in my chair, surely).

If you’ve got suggestions for blogging, tutorials, or video topics, let me know in the comments. I think I might do one on adapting illustrations for applique since apparently I’m making a Hello Kitty wallhanging for my daughter’s room redecoration.  You know I won’t be sitting idly by during this time, so there will surely be plenty for me to talk about when I’m back to the airwaves!

Welcome to Hothlanta

Ya’ll, I am at the end of day 3 of SNOWMAGGEDON here in the Atlanta area. Thursday is also a snow day officially, and I suspect the counties are just going to chuck it all and call school off for Friday as well since Monday is already a holiday. I am fortunate that the roads were clear enough to get the kids to my in-laws to give everyone a break, because while the SNOWPOCALYPSE canceled school and many businesses, I work from home. My new co-workers are not exactly conducive to productivity.

I will surely be podcasting on Friday if only for the human contact. I haven’t left the house since sometime on Sunday.

Stay safe and warm! And sane.

P.S. - Send thread and liquor.


Hi all,

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season. Ours was dampened a bit by the news of my grandmother’s passing yesterday. She lived to be 101, and died at home in the same apartment she had lived in for over 30 years. She is loved, and will be missed.

As a result, I am traveling with my parents to Ohio today, while my husband and children have headed home a day early. I’ll likely be traveling or at the service on Friday, so no podcast from me this week.

Best wishes,


I have grand plans and notes written up for the podcast today, but I am not feeling like I can be terribly positive right now. I’m on day 4 of a migraine and Zapper has done unspeakable things to my new duvet cover (and pillow). While she is a high strung, anxious bundle of annoyance at times, I love her to death and I’m afraid she’s in kidney failure or some other calamity beyond her typical soy allergy and interstitial cystitis (ugh - yes, I’m *that* pet owner). I’m also afraid this is her way of calling dibs on me, as my other cat Zoom usually sleeps on the pillow next to me, and there’s not a lot I can do about that part of it. I’m taking Zapper to the vet tomorrow, and will hopefully get some time to podcast this weekend.


This week’s episode will be slightly delayed due to the horrible mean Group A Streptococcus bacteria, which has infected my precious first-born’s throat.  Also, he’s currently jumping on the trampoline while begging me to play football with him.

I’d say the antibiotics worked. Have to wait until there is quiet before recording, though - that should happen tonight!