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HtbaS - Episode 239

This week I tackle some of my first garment since sewing my wedding dress 15 years ago.  I made the Sutton Blouse from True Bias, and talk about the construction process. Here’s my submission for America’s Next Top Garment Sewist Who Photographs Skeptical Bathroom Selfies (it’s an elite group).

Books discussed:


HtbaS - Episode 120

I talk about finishing two baby quilts, a sewing machine cover, getting back into garment sewing, and learning a new landscape quilting technique.

Finished machine cover:

Landscape quilt, before quilting. Needs more chicken. Or trees and leaves.

I recommend Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger.


Brag Post

So I’ve been doing a little more sewing recently, what with finally adjusting to my WFH schedule and just cleaning up projects and odds and ends. I’ve started subscribing to some blogs about sewing and quilting, especially making things without patterns, which is weird for me since I’m a pattern junkie. And I need to redeem myself after showing the internet those horrible Easter pants. Anywho, I made Bloomer some sundresses:

On the right is a piece of tie-dye print I picked up a local sewing expo for $3 - it goes to darker purple in the back. On the left is one I put together with extra Lightning McQueen fabric I had from making Boxer a pair of shorts. I’ve got enough extra of the polka dot fabric to use it complement some flamingo fabric I got for another sundress, or possibly shirt and capris (and then matching hats for Bloomer and my mom). Both dresses were super easy to make using elastic thread in the bobbin (first time I used it), following this tutorial.

Also in the picture, purple binding for Bloomer’s baby quilt. And a bra I need to mend. Hello internet!

Also, here is the prayer quilt I finished for the sewing group, and a close-up of one of the square.

With the fabrics the group had in the scrap bin, that middle plaid was a bit overwhelming so I overlaid the lace on it. Really, the three “border” fabrics coordinated and the middle plaid and the border fabric sort of matched, but we had to make do with what we had.

Coming up, I’ll be making the flamingo outfit for Bloomer, working on my “mystery quilt” for the quilt group, and the quilt for Bloomer’s “big girl” bed.