WIP Wednesday: In My Defense, It Felt Like an Emergency

This week, I’ve focused on finishing up some small things for my work conference next week.  I decided to make some “speaker emergency kits” for my colleagues tasked with the same responsibilities as me - shepherding speakers, playing audio-visual squad, etc.  Each kit has some antibacterial wipes, tissues, a USB wall charger, a Tide To Go pen, some Hall’s cough drops, and some chocolate.

There would be more than 3 pieces of chocolate per kit, but I sort of had a crisis myself that required chocolate. So… yeah. Also note that my own kit below has an Emergency Jedi!

Conference speaker emergency kit.

I’m also trying to stay on top of my Harry Potter POD bookshelf kit, and prepping my EPP project to work on that in my down time in Vegas (if such a thing exists!).

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5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: In My Defense, It Felt Like an Emergency

  1. Now that is an inspiring idea!
    I shall have to try making kits when I’m part of a group effort.
    But I shall have to find my own “helper” as I don’t know any Jedi warriors :~(

  2. Great idea. Your co-workers should enjoy the thought and several will probably want a Jedi of their own. Good project to keep you busy as you get closer to “the trip”

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