WIP Wednesday: Wonder-ful, One Block at a Time

This week has been mostly about my One-Block Wonder quilt.  I did get all the blocks sewn, and then arranged, and then re-arranged.

Behold, the first horrible and blobby layout.

I had intended that the blue blocks would be the center of a flower, and then the pink blocks the petals/main flower part. The green blocks are the stem and the brown-ish blocks were the ground. What I ended up with was a Hot Mess of Highest Heat and Messiness. So, back to the drawing board.

In addition to Jett “playing the cello” on the middle, this has the added bonus of not being a heinous travesty of design.  I used the pink blocks (by far the highest number) to make a wavy diagonal line, and filled in the other colors from there so the transition is a bit more subtle.  I did reorder the brown ones in the bottom left a bit, but otherwise, this is how it’s going to be sewn together.

I think I’ll add a border with some applique that mirrors the flower shapes in the original panel, but will figure that out once I get the center sewn!

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8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Wonder-ful, One Block at a Time

  1. The second layout is much better!

    I have a personal piecing question for you. Are you sewing your hexagons together first and then putting the quilt together? I find it easier to do OBW in rows, no Y seams that way. Can’t tell from your pictures how you did it.

  2. The second layout looks great! Cats are so helpful, huh?

    Is there a way to subscribe to your blog? I’d love to get an email when you post, because I forget to come and see what you are up to! Then, I listen to the podcast and wish I would have seen all the posts you mention :-)

  3. On the quilt: You are doing a good job sorting out the layout.
    On the last podcast, on Facebook: I think your blog does a great job of communicating what you are up to. That said, I personally use Facebook more than blogs these days and I feel a FB page makes it easier for 3 way communication; you to us, us to each other. (That is 3 ways right?) So while actual content might become redundant, I think there is still a benefit to having a page because we could talk to each other more easily. Twitter is good too, just hard to follow sometimes.
    My 2 cents.

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