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HtbaS - Episode 265

I recorded this morning, and have just about forgotten what I talked about! I do cover the Twilter #MarchAlong that Darla encourages us to do every year, my class with Sue Nickels last week, a bit about my work trip to Vegas, and what it’s like to get back to normal (spoiler: delightful!).

The pressing tool I talked about but couldn’t remember the name of is the Strip Stick.


HtbaS - Episode 90

I talk about triaging fabric, Scrappy Trip Around the World, announce the massive giveaway, and ask for your input on what stories you’d like me to tell.

  • Square in a square calculator
  • Vote on stories over there on the right until next Friday, August 11
  • Massive giveaway post will go up later today.
  • Here’s the diaper bag I finished:

HtbaS - Episode 84