HtbaS - Episode 265

I recorded this morning, and have just about forgotten what I talked about! I do cover the Twilter #MarchAlong that Darla encourages us to do every year, my class with Sue Nickels last week, a bit about my work trip to Vegas, and what it’s like to get back to normal (spoiler: delightful!).

The pressing tool I talked about but couldn’t remember the name of is the Strip Stick.


3 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 265

  1. Definitely attend QuiltCon. Stay over. Take a class. Go to some lectures. I know it costs money, but write a few blog posts and write it off your Stitch TV Show taxes. 😉 It is really worth it. If I am flush I will go as well even though it could hardly be farther away from me than Savannah.
    Yes, your thoughts on the chunks of EPP made perfect sense whether you were well caffeinated or not. I think you are right in that it is just a hassle when the piece gets really large. I put the two big chunks together and it worked. What helped was tacking the pieces together in strategic locations before I sewed the whole long seam (join??). It wasn’t great. The piece was still floopy and awkward, but it helped with stability a little bit.

    I think your point about modern quilts being akin to Cubism or other art movements was very insightful. I have been thinking along those lines as well, but you synthesized my thoughts. *high five*

    I press seams to the side as well. This is the way I learned so it has become habit. That doesn’t mean that I do it because it is a habit. I do it because it works for the most part. You described the reasons (pinwheel assembly) very well. There are times where pressing seams open is a better choice. When 8 seams come together (LeMoyne Star, etc), then pressing open is a good thing. I also press seams open on the back of the quilt (yes, I piece my backs - not to be modern, but to use up fabric I already have) to make the backs less bulky for my longarmer. The key is to think about what you are trying to achieve with pressing. IMO, of course.

    See part 2.

  2. pt.2
    I think it is an excellent sign when you hear things in a class that you have heard before. That means you have learned some things. It also means that you have listened in other classes and internalized those lessons. I also think it means that you are grasping and concept have, perhaps, done enough practice to assist in grasping the concept. FWIW: Good job!!

    You also don’t have to mark an entire king sized quilt. You can mark the feathers in the border and do what you normally do with the rest, etc.

    OMG! I am literally screaming with laughter right now (42:31 in the podcast), because I was just thinking of leaving you a comment about the Dresden Garden and then you mentioned it!! LOL!

    I do miss your original rockin’ intro and outro, but understand the change.

    This is a really good episode. All of your episodes are awesome, but this one is particularly good. Thanks for podcasting!
    x, your favorite #podcastdeliquent

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