Cut the Cake - Finished!

Cut the CakeI couple months ago, I tested a pattern for my friend Chris over at Frecklemama called Cut the Cake.  Because Chris is awesome, she actually quilted the top for me and I got it back and put the binding on it this week!

We went with the most recent American Jane line Potluck from Moda for the “cakes”.  It’s got bright colors in 30’s prints reminiscent of feedsacks, and turned out super cute.

This version of the pattern finishes at about twin-size - 72 x 85″.  As I was trying to take pictures the wind kept blowing and turning my clothesline around since the quilt was acting as a big sail.

Cut the CakeI fell in love with the tiny chicks and yardstick prints in this line, and it worked well with a lime green solid.  Lime green is known as a neutral in my modern quilt guild.

For the back, we found a great text print (not from the same line), and there was enough from trimming the backing to use for the binding, too.

Cut the Cake - BackYou can find the pattern for sale on Chris’ website, or on Fat Quarter Shop.  It uses a layer cake of fabric plus background & sashing, and can be embellished with applique candles or flowers to make it extra festive.


4 thoughts on “Cut the Cake - Finished!

  1. great pattern. That is another one I might have to put on my maybe some day list which is already way too long.. I am interested in what you classify as twin, regular (we call it a double) queen and king size. I think because fabric here is so much more expensive our quilts are more likely to be “toppers” ie just sitting across the top of the bed, not hanging much over the sides.

    Listening to your podcasts is an education in more ways than just straight quilting information. I am constantly learning new expressions and terminology (Hot mess was one I picked up from you. And I have noticed Tanisha uses it too) There are a number of others which I can’t think of now… “it is what it is” is another. The Australian equivalent would be “You get that”.

    Its fascinating listening and I am glad now that I am caught up I can comment on stuff as it comes up and not feel that I am well out of date.

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