Christmas Tree Skirt - Finished!

Christmas Tree SkirtRemember when I was making vague references to a paper pieced project a few weeks ago? Well, I finished it, wrapped it, and shipped it off to my parents last week with instructions to open it before Christmas since it was, in fact, a Christmas tree skirt!

My parents have another tree skirt I made a while ago - a white crocheted one (that I’ve learned in retrospect was never properly blocked) that comes off entirely too easily and functions mostly as a toboggan for the cats to skid across the hardwood floor on.  It’s been under the living room tree for a while, but in the last couple years they put up a second tree in the dining room so it’s visible from the street.

I thought it was high time to make another tree skirt, either as a replacement or supplement to the original one, so this was part of their present.  To safeguard from cat antics, I added an elastic loop and button at the opening to make it harder for the cats to remove. Probably not cat-proof, but is at least cat-resistant.

Apparently the cats have been tussling over who gets to the sit on the new tree skirt. Cinder won this round.

EDITED: A lot of people have asked, and the pattern is called “Trim the Tree” by Cindi Edgerton in her Little Bits pattern line. It’s printed on tissue paper , and is available a couple places including her website.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Skirt - Finished!

  1. the tree skirt is beautiful. I have never had one. Maybe one day I might make one. I do like that pattern and am looking forward to hearing where the pattern came from too

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