WIP Wednesday: Paparazetti

I am feeling a bit scattered this week, for good reasons that are not at all related to quilting.  There is good news for work (received today after much ANGRY CAPS LOCK repressed emails earlier in the week), and good news for my daughter at school, and two and a half weeks of vacation coming up for me & kids. Huzzah.

So while I’m working on Celtic Solstice and Scrapitude and my Tula Pink EPP project and the units for my parents’ quilt, I’m throwing together a baby quilt, too.  I’m calling it Paparazetti right now as it’s made from the waste HSTs of my Paparazzi quilt.

This is the center, and it will have a 2″ border of Snow and a teal border added to it to bring it to a decent size.  I should be able to finish up those borders at my sew-in tomorrow night and get it sandwiched and quilted this weekend, I think.

Special guest appearance by the cowboy boots I got in college, and have started wearing regularly in the past couple months. They remind me to kick some butt.

7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Paparazetti

  1. you have made great progress once again. I have finished off 3 Christmas quilts this week. My tie quilt is still languishing in the bag I bought it home from our patchwork group meeting last week where some of my friends helped me pin it. I wanted to get the Christmas projects done so they got an airing this year and didn’t have to wait another 11 months before they could come out to play if I left it any longer. Now there is no more excuses… I shall have to start work on it (have to get it done by end of January as it is a present) But its only a week till Christmas and the family are starting to gather at home so might be a bit busy….

    Your little quilt is very striking. I have to get a baby quilt done as well to take down to the family gathering in January as well. The baby was born in August… so bit delayed. Any longer and I will have to make him a bed quilt!!

  2. I love your paparazetti quilt. I think the colors and the design are perfect. Cute for a child but not so juvenile that the parents will not also enjoy it. Really nice.

    I must say I LOVED your discussion about your daughter and gymnastics. What great parents you are that you set limits about how she behaves in class while allowing her to succeed at her own level and choose her own activities. I admit I cried a bit as I wish I had been given such loving limits and experiences as a child. I am certain I am not the only one. Please tell your daughter just how awesome she is and just how fortunate she is to have such awesome parents.

    Cowboy boots from college? You rock! I’m presently using my college boots as well although they were purchased in the early 80’s and I I’m imagining yours were not born until much later. Additional awesomeness for the boots. (Awesome is not a word I normally use but it fits you so well I had to use it a “pants load” number of times)

    Great podcast as always!

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