Jingle Quilt - Finished!


Ok, I got that out of the way. I’m so excited to have finished this quilt. I love the colors and the design that harkens back to Pennsylvania Dutch hex designs (my parents have the one for Love & Romance over their front door) and the cardinals that my Grama loved so much.  So, without further ado, here is my finished Jingle quilt:

Jingle Finished QuiltAs with any of the pictures, you can click through to Flickr to embiggen the pictures.  I posted detailed shots of each of the quilted blocks in my Flickr photoset for the quilt, and will highlight a couple of them here.

The center focused mainly on pebbling the background for both the center medallion and the pieced setting triangles.

Jingle Finished Quilt - Center FocusI left the green triangles in the setting triangle portion unquilted so they would pop, and did a similar feather pattern in the red triangles so they would match with the solid setting triangles of the pieced blocks.

Jingle Finished QuiltThose feathers are more like feather sprays, and I tried to mimic the pattern in a couple of the pieced blocks.  The red center of this block got a swirled feather/flower sort of thing happening. It’s a big hard to see because of the pattern of the fabric.  In each of the yellow areas in the pieced blocks, I did a 1/4″ echo from the piece edge, and then micro stippled the interior.  I mixed it up on the green pieces and did a couple different patterns.  This block has a micro-paisley, but I also did micro stipple, tiny swirls, and some small feathers, too.

Jingle Finished Quilt For the applique blocks, they got a mix of red print fabric to set those, and they got holly sprigs quilted into them.  Around the applique blocks themselves I did a small stipple pattern to make the applique really pop.

And a tip from me to you, if you are FMQing with a light colored thread and accidentally go into a dark colored applique shape, you can take a Pigma pen and color in that bit of white thread and it’s not even visible anymore and you don’t have to undo it! Magic!

Feel free to embiggen away, or watch the slideshow below (which also includes pictures of the blocks as they were made - about 40 pictures in total).

13 thoughts on “Jingle Quilt - Finished!

  1. Pam! Totally amazing! I am blown away by all the micro-stippling. That is very intimidating to me. I love all the feathers and also the holly quilting pattern. You did a fantastic job!

  2. This is stunning, whenever I see a quilt with this much detail I almost don’t believe a real person has done it, put it down to some kind of quilt fairies or something, but watching/hearing your progress this whole time makes it so real, all those pebbles really paid off!

  3. Awesomeness! I knew it will look beautiful, but it’s even better than expected! You were so creative with the quilting and I loved the close-ups of the different blocks. Hats off to you, great job!

  4. Wait a minute! Where are the cube berries we were SO looking forward to seeing? Those look suspiciously round which is just not right.

    At any rate, yet another beautiful finish. Wow!

  5. Hi, Pam! I love, love, LOVE your Jingle quilt, especially how you pieced those setting triangles around the center medallion. I hope you don’t mind that I included your Jingle quilt in my blog post (http://cheekycognoscenti.blogspot.com/2014/01/2014-new-years-greetings-odds-and-ends.html). If you do mind, or if you wish to be credited differently, please let me know. If my Jingle quilt comes out half as good as yours, I’ll be thrilled. Congratulations on a gorgeous finish!

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