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WIP Wednesday - Actual Work on Actual Quilts

Oh hey, look at that. Progress on things I can share! Well, mostly.  I did finish a quilt this week, but can’t share it yet since it’s a gift.  Nina was on hand to help with quality control during quilting, though.

VP of Quality Control seems satisfied with consistent stitch length. #ninavore

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I spent last night catching up on the My Favorite Things blocks from SewHooked.com.  I had June, July and August blocks to do, but the August block was glitter, which… no. I cannot in good conscience even imply that I even tolerate glitter, so I will certainly not commit to calling it a favorite thing.

So I made a wineglass block instead. The actual block pattern is from a different designer. Maybe I should have put a cat in there instead, but the wineglass was easier to piece.

For the record, there was no wine involved in this little incident (but there may have been rum afterwards).  That seam gauge block was not my favorite!

Next up is working on another pattern for The Stitch- it’s another oldie but a goodie!