HtbaS - Episode 256

This week, I talk about sewing my Christmas quilt, Quilts of Valor, several examples of me being bad at math, and why I’m not going to see Star Wars this weekend.

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  1. I’m with you on waiting to see the Star Wars movie. I am looking forward to seeing it so much! But fighting crowds for the privilege? No thanks.

  2. Even though I normally avoid the crowds, we did go and see it last night…. yesterday was my due date, and I managed to find a theater where I could buy reserved seats in advance! I figured Murphy’s law would kick in and I’d go into labor and not get to use the tickets, but alas, the kid stayed put, so off to the movie we went! Even the pew-pew-pews from the movie didn’t scare him into coming out… 🙂

  3. Not #podcastdeliquent. 😉

    Please don’t log in during your holiday vacation.

    I agree that seeing the new Star Wars this weekend would be crazy. I also have a warm fuzzy feeling of seeing the first movie (the real first movie -the one that came out first) with a bunch of jerks who can’t keep their mouths shut. BTW, I saw the first movie at Graumann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood and my mom took us out of school to go in the middle of the day. See? Warm and fuzzy. 😉

    I know it was ridiculous to suggest not using your gift certificate to buy fabric, but I stand by my suggestion to get notions or bag hardware. Also, I am glad I made you laugh.

    I recommend instead of warehouse stores mostly because I don’t have a warehouse membership and because I can shop in my pjs.

    I like the idea for the label because it keeps the label still while you sew. The reason I sew a label into the back is so that the label cannot be removed if the quilt is stolen. Yes, that has happened to me.

    Maybe a specialty ruler would help with putting blocks on point? Also ‘chunking’ helps with putting quilt tops on point together. #shamelessselfpromotion

    I like a pear and cheese snack where you slice up the pears and slice up some cheese. Put the cheese on top of the pear slices and eat. The combination is fabulous and they won’t last very long. Good for appetizers you have to bring to a party.

    Have you read (or listened to) the Shelly Adina Magnificent Devices series of Steampunk novels? The last one was a little meh, but the new one just came out and I am looking forward to that. I also really liked the first one.

    Merry Christmas!

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