HtbaS - Episode 257

This week I talk about cookie exchanges, small gift sewing, working on the king size quilt, and a bit of everything else! Merry Christmas, and don’t forget play along on the Boxing Day Sew-In with #BDSI on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram on December 26th!

Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of The Stitch, also out on December 25th!

4 Replies to “HtbaS - Episode 257”

  1. Not #podcastdeliquent again. Score!

    I was greatly relieved to hear that the toilet and other miscellaneous garbage is gone. I am confused as to why things like toilets and chairs don’t get recycled.

    “puttering around with projects” I am sure means that you will take 1,000 yards off of your stash report! 😉

    I saw The Force Awakens on Christmas Eve also and really enjoyed it. I though that it was very similar to a New Hope (original first Star Wars movie) or harkened back to A New Hope in a very pleasing way. It is very entertaining and made me want to watch all of the other movies again.

    UGH! So unfair that you would have tendonitis and have to take the machine in during your vacation. Glad you have a backup and were able to get it back quickly.

    I’ll try and comment on the various blog posts. I seem to forget and do it all at once on your upload post.

    Take care!

  2. I’ve never quite gotten to the point of wearing a brace, but I have enough tendinitis problems to sympathize (RIP crochet addiction; I remember you fondly). So unfair that it struck during your vacation! My doctor pointed me towards these giant rubber noodles called flexbars that you use stretch your forearms and wrists. They’ve helped control my problems. They run ~$15 on Amazon. Feel better soon!

  3. Instead of being in the family cookie exchange, I made the Craftsy top selling “grocery bag” for everyone’s cookies to help destash my Christmas stash — it probably would have been easier and quicker to make the cookies but everyone loved the bags. Also, it was great mindless sewing. I used up more than 15 yards of fabric and have enough to make more for next year. I may use Jeni B’s drawstring pattern — not as much double stitching and top stitching and oh so cute!!

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