HtbaS 312 - More Quilting for Good, Elbow Cancer (Not Really), and Books

In this episode of the Hip to be a Square quilting podcast, I catch everyone up on Jett (he’s fine), my weird elbow thing (I’m fine), some recent quilting and new things from The Stitch TV Show, and lots of book reviews!

Books reviewed:

New vinyl decals for The Stitch TV Show from our partners at Lasting Impressions!

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4 Replies to “HtbaS 312 - More Quilting for Good, Elbow Cancer (Not Really), and Books”

  1. Hey Pam! Fun to listen to as always. Thanks for the shout out. 🙂 I’m listening while I work on my next “secret sewing” project. AFTER I did my daily workout, LOL!!

  2. If you like the book about Jane Grey (the 9 days queen), then watch the movie Lady Jane. It’s old but one of my favorite movies, with Cary Elwes as a young man and Patrick Stewart as Jane’s father.

  3. Laughed out loud at the image of your coworkers singing “How to you solve a problem like Pa-am?” I may download that song and insert my kids’ names into it just for fun.

    Also, thanks for the recommendation on Eleanor Oliphant from Episode 310. It wasn’t quite what I expected - I started out chuckling about how a bikini wax is the first thing she does to get her man, but by the end of the book I was questioning whether I like cats because I didn’t get enough love as a child. Really good book though, keep them coming!

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