Happy Podcastiversary!

Three years. THREE years today. Holy crap.  Here it is by the numbers:

  • Number of podcasts: 150. This over a three-day weekend’s worth if you listened to them all the way through.
  • Number of quilts and sewing projects: Over 150. Based on my Pinterest boards, it’s 149, but I know there were things in 2010 I finished that didn’t make it on Pinterest.
  • Number of hours of me crying on the podcast: Probably an hour if you string those moments together. Sorry about that.
  • Yards of fabric used since Jan 2012: 897. Holy moly.
  • Pounds of me lost: 37.
  • Number of times I’ve said “So there’s that.”: No idea. How drunk are you by now?

Typical quilt of mine from 2010 versus 2013:


Thanks for sticking with me, guys. The next 150 are going to be epic.

15 Replies to “Happy Podcastiversary!”

  1. Happy podcastiversary!!!!! Thank you for the facts,and the fun you share with us on your blog and in the podcasts. Loving being Hip to be Square. Xxx

  2. Congrats, I enjoy listening to your podcasts and reading your blogs. How do you keep count of the fabric yardage?

  3. Yay! Happy Podcastiversary to you!! Since I no longer have a 20 min commute to work every day, I am woooooooooeeeeeefully behind on listening to all of y’all quilty podcasters but I plan to play catch up next week on the 11 hour flight to Houston (I’m going to Houston!! yippee!!) I do still try to keep up the with the blog though.
    It has been fun to see and hear about your progress and development as a quilter in these three years – and I still remain totally in awe of the sheer amount of quilting and life you pack into 24 hours!

    Here’s to many more years of podcasting and sewing!

    Scritches to the fur kids!

  4. I don’t comment often but just want to let you know I’ve been here since the beginning and have enjoyed it all. Looking forward to many more episodes. Thanks!

  5. Happy podcastiversary! Sounds like you’re suggesting we spend a three day weekend listening to all 150 shows while playing the drinking game, and see how drunk we get. Enough to lose count of the number of times you say ‘so there’s that’, for sure.

  6. Happy Podcastiversary! I love to see the way your quilts have changed over the years! Practice makes perfect! Love the podcast and your humor makes this “old lady hobby” not so stuffy! LOL

  7. Just caught up on this episode, and the next, and the blog today. *yeay* 150 episodes over 3 years, that’s one amazingly consistent effort. Have thoroughly enjoyed listening all the way from the start (I was wondering about the total play time), and look forward to many more. You inspire me to be a more productive quilter, perhaps not quite as prolific but I’m aiming for more consistent. Thank you Pam!

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